Business communication during the pandemic grew in three key areas – Financial Post

Posted: December 22, 2020 at 6:59 pm

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Its pretty fair to say that communication is everything to human beings; weve been using itand evolving our languagefor possibly millions of years. As the world continues to change, so must our communication style. This is especially important in professional settings, where we can offend people or miscommunicate our intent and lose out on building something great. In a pandemic-upended world, the levels of communication have seen shifts more quickly than usual, so how can you make sure youre sharing ideas and exchanging messages effectively?

In any organization, how a company communicates internally, i.e., manager to employee, C-level to management, etc., is of the utmost importance. Having open and transparent comms throughout the business builds trust and fosters creativity, which in turn impacts profit margins. An easy way to improve communication is by ensuring staff at all levels possess high emotional intelligence, which is something you can foster. The Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making Bundle teaches everything from conflict management to understanding personality to self-awareness. This training gives you the tools you need to ensure your team is on the same page about everyday tasks, big-picture goals, and interdepartmental relationships.

Business communication during the pandemic grew in three key areas - Financial Post

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