And just like that, a tote bag enters the Sex and the City universe – Sydney Morning Herald

Posted: August 25, 2021 at 1:44 am

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If youve been following the filming of the new Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, you will have noticed that a handful of Carrie Bradshaws signature sartorial choices are making cameos. The Fendi baguette bag, the blue velvet corsage, the black studded belt. And, last Thursday, Sarah Jessica Parker gave fans on Instagram a hint that the iconic tulle and white ankle boots she favoured so heavily in the original series would be making a comeback.

One thing has changed though a bag. More specifically, a plain old canvas carry bag from NPR the very worthy, intellectually hip National Public Radio service, where, it is rumoured, Carrie may have her own podcast.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on the set of And Just Like That. Credit:Getty

Its also been rumoured that Mr Big loses his fortune, which might explain the dip into a work freebie. But with a younger, more diverse writing team on board for the new series, it might be that Carrie, ever the fashion pioneer, has woken up to what even Princess Catherine has made a habit of tucking the more ostentatious sections of ones wardrobe away in favour of plain old high street threads.

By choosing a canvas tote you show that you care, says Daiane Scaraboto, Associate Professor of Marketing at Melbourne University, adding the inclusion of one is most definitely a statement on conscious consumption.


The responsibility to solve the worlds wicked problems the climate crisis, for example, has been increasingly pushed on to consumers, she says. Individuals then feel they should make right choices when it comes to consumption, and a canvas tote is one of the most widely spread symbols of eco-friendliness.

Many luxury brands and consumers are now developing a discourse that luxury is sustainable because it has quality; it lasts, and it can be resold. I think we will see a mix of both in the post-lockdown world: canvas tote bags and designer bags. What is interesting is that these can happily co-exist and their choices be justified with the same rationale.

By choosing a canvas tote you show that you care.

If the tote that Sarah Jessica Parker has held on to in no less than three different scenes, isn't her own bag and is instead a bona fide prop it will be the perfect anti-fashion symbol for these times. The tote is traditionally a grocery bag, and the shops are, quite literally, the only place to be right now.

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And just like that, a tote bag enters the Sex and the City universe - Sydney Morning Herald

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