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Although ist eerie and on of the most feared cards in a tarot deck, the Death Tarot card is much more. Here are some things to know.

The Death tarot card in the Major Arcana is one of the most feared cards in the deck. However, rarely does this card represent physical death. This card actually is associated with transformations, transitions, and endings of anything old so it can make room for the new. This is why astrologically this card is associated with the water sign, Scorpio, which is ruled by transformative and powerful Pluto.

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This means if anyone goes for a tarot reading and The Death tarot card comes up in a spread, it does not mean that the seeker will die. Listed below are 10 things that many people are not aware of that are associated with The Death tarot card.

When The Death tarot card is associated with giving birth, that seems as if it should not belong in the same sentence. However, anytime someone becomes a parent, especially for the first time, that really represents the death of their old selves as they cannot go back to who they were before they became parents.

This is why it is a major shock to new parents after bringing the baby home from the hospital. Their care-free lives were given the kiss of death as now they have a new being they are completely responsible for, and their identities have changed forever as well.

Whenever someone is having a tarot reading about their relationship, and The Death card comes up, that is not a good sign. That most definitely means that the relationship is on its way out. Sometimes the seeker who is asking the reader to give them insight on their relationship knows this deep down, which is why they are wanting the reading to get confirmation.

However, sometimes this news comes as a total shock. What is the reason for the breakup? That depends on the surrounding cards. If The Four Of Cups is in the spread, then it is an indication of boredom. If The Seven Of Swords is in there, then this is a sign of a cheating partner.

The Death card shows up when there is no longer any interest in a hobby or something else that once excited the individual. And the fact of the matter is that interests and hobbies do change as people grow and evolve. The type of interests that someone had in childhood or as teens would no longer serve a purpose in adulthood, however, there are always exceptions. When it comes to a life-long passion, that usually is not the case.

However, when it comes to short-lived hobbies, The Death card can appear at any time which means the interest will die and something new and exciting will replace it.

Whenever a change of bad habits in the picture, The Death card is a great card to show up. This means that either the smoking will come to an end, the booze will be cut out or cut down significantly, the sedentary lifestyle will become active, or sugar will be replaced with organic food.

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Many times health scares can cause people to change habits which means they are given that wakeup call. However, not always. Sometimes people don't feel great or they feel stuck and know exactly why. It is because of the poor habits that they need to come to an end.

One thing about The Death card that many people who are not overly familiar with the tarot is that it can represent an increase in self-awareness. This means they have been enlightened and awakened by something, which is a sign that they are evolving on a spiritual level.

They may begin to take up spiritual practices or may become religious, whichever works for them. Sometimes the increased self-awareness can be the result of learning the hard way from a grave mistake, or it can be the result of a life-changing trip they took that taught them something about themselves that they did not know previously.

Perhaps moving is something that someone has been planning to do all along, however, if that individual had gotten a tarot reading and The Death card came up, then it is one that would be life-changing. By the way, a life-changing move does not even have to mean that the move is across the country, or to a different country, or overseas. It can still be a move to another home in another area of the same town.

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It all boils down to what kind of events will follow the move that can be considered life-changing. That is why The Death card would come up in a reading that is relevant to a move.

If someone who was thinking about changing careers went to a tarot readerto receive a reading, and The Death card came up, that is a sure sign that the change will happen. Not only will it be a change but it will involve complete transition and transformation. This means that the seeker will literally be saying goodbye to the old career that they had and they will be going into something brand new which may or may not require extra schooling.

Therefore, this is not keeping the same job or career-role and moving to a different company. It is a situation that involves going from being a journalist to a chef, for example.

The Death tarot card is not one that anyone wants to see come up in a spread or as a single-card pull if they are inquiring about their financial situation. This card will most definitely indicate a financial loss, and it can be due to many reasons. Perhaps taking out debt is one reason which is something that the seeker would be aware of, especially if they are making a big purchase such as a house or a car.

Or, it may mean that unexpected large expenses will come up which could involve medical or home repair. It could also mean that the investments could take a beating in a market that is doing badly.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is a spiritual crisis, which means it is a very dark time in someone's life. This is a period in life where someone would feel empty and disconnected spiritually, and therefore, they would be very depressed, apathetic, and numb. Some people who experience it may actually do more exploring on a spiritual level in order to figure life out, or others may become lost into additions to numb themselves.

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However, when The Death card comes up in someone's reading regarding this situation, this is good news. It means this confusing and challenging time will come to an end, and the light will be seen again.

Whenever The Death tarot card comes up in a reading regardless of what situation is being looked into, it is a message to embrace a transition or change that is meant to happen. Sometimes these changes will be welcomed with open arms such as a new baby on the way.

Other times they will not be welcome such as getting the news about being forced to move due to the house needing to be knocked down as the result of the construction of a freeway. Either way, these types of forever changes are happening and cannot be resisted.

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