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Cabin In The Woods was a perfect example of satirical horror done right, and here are 10 similar films for viewers hungry for more.

The Cabin In The Woodsis a criminally underrated masterpiece of modern horror. In his directorial debut, Drew Goddard managed to create a film that merged moments of brilliant comedy, with an underpinning layer of satireleveled against the entire film/horror industry. At the same time, he kept things truly terrifying and delivered a twist that will go down in history.

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It'd be difficultand probably misguidedto make a sequel toThe Cabin In The Woods, so we've put together a list of films that should tide over fans who have been looking for something similar to watch since 2012.

Evil Dead IIis a double-whammy in its connectionThe Cabin In The Woods.On the surface, it is similar satire where the central characters spend their time secluded in a forest full of creepy goings-on. It also brings a distinct tone of humor and over-the-top melodrama to proceedings, allowing parody and satire to mix into a well-crafted script that remains, on occasion, genuinely scary.

Funny Gamesisn't a particularly well-known film, but it absolutely delivers on creepiness and self-awareness. The general plot follows a family who are tortured by a duo of Clockwork Orange-esque maniacs. It's an intense journey, but moments of fourth-wall-breakingat one point, Ann manages to kill Peter, before Paul simply picks up the TV remote and 'rewinds' the real-life eventsand satire connect it beautifully toThe Cabin In The Woods.

Get Outwas Jordan Peele's chance to impress with directorial talent that he had yet to show off. He proved his point. The 2017 horror was as hilarious as it was terrifying and managed to make an important political point without it overshadowing the great story at the heart of the film. It's a thought-provoking masterpiece that continuedThe Cabin In The Woods' mission to turn the horror landscape of the 2010s on its head.

Zombielandmight be more of a straight-up comedy thanThe Cabin In The Woodsthere isn't really anything within that could genuinely scare a viewerbut there is certainly a connection between the presentation of the two films. In the same way thatThe Cabin In The Woodswants its viewers to remember that this is nothing more than a film, the voice-over and dramatic editing of the 'rules' inZombielandmake sure the audience never takes anything too seriously.

Miseryis arguably the ultimate "cabin in the woods" style film.The filmrarely leaves the seclusion of thehousePaul Sheldon is confined to, filling viewers with claustrophobia and dread.

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The Stephen King adaptation is a lot more serious in its presentation thatThe Cabin In The Woods, but, if it's a sense of creepy, desperate seclusion you're after, then this film could be the perfect follow-up.

Gremlinsis the ultimate satirical horror.Written by Chris Columbus, directed by Joe Dante and executive produced by Steven Speilberg, the film was star-studded. The sequel took things to a new level, replacing the black comedy of the original with a manically over-the-top sense ofsatire that anarchicallyreassessed the concept of horror films and sequels in general. Theapproach in this film undoubtedly inspired many elements ofThe Cabin In The Woods.

Bad Times At The El Royaleis just the second film ever made by Drew Goddard, made seven years afterThe Cabin In The Woods.It leaves horror-comedy behind, instead providing audiences with a unique take on the neo-noir thriller genre.

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It was a disappointment at the box office and reviews were mixed, but there are definitely moments that can be picked up on that connect to the filmmaking style found inThe Cabin In The Woods.

TheScreamfranchise is often mixed up with the far more comedicScary Movieseries thanks to the presence of the Ghostface killer. However,Screamitself is remembered for its perfectly used satire of horror film tropes.When watchingThe Cabin In The Woods, the audience issupposed to know about horror tropes in order to get the most out of the film; inScream, the characters themselves are aware of the cliches they are being exposed to.

American Psychodoesn't come close to the level of horror created inThe Cabin In The Woods, but it does have a powerful sense of satire that melts into every line of dialogue, pushed forward by one of Christian Bale's best-ever performances. The risky ending makes itclear that pretty much everything the audience saw throughout the film was not as it seemed.

Scooby-Dooas a franchise is like the children's version ofThe Cabin In The Woods, with the live-action sequel arguably providing the biggest parallels. At its core, we have a group of stereotypical teensthe leader, the stoner, the nerd, and the confusedbut the two films also share the idea of bringing a variety of unconnected monsters into the same story with something deeper going on behind it all.

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