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(Above) NBC News states: Dr Morse has done more to prove the existence of life after death than any other scientist

Dedicated to healing therapies for grief and loss, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and the human spirit"



"If an angel spoke to you today, would you listen? How would you know it was real? How could you trust what the angel had to say?"

What is a Near Death Experience

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MELVIN L MORSE MD FAAP Onemissionis to promote an understanding that we all have a"God Spot"in our brain which permits communication with a source of wisdom and knowledge that exists outside our physical bodies.Our organizationwants to explore and promote the practical applications of understanding thisnew paradigm of consciousness.

Idon't "believe in" near death experiences. It is my opinion that the scientific research validates that near death experiences are real. The science of 2014 indicates that we all have a "god spot" or (as per Mario Beauregard MD) a "god brain" that connects us with the divine, the all knowledge timeless space-less domain.

Children who have experienced thisall knowledge domaindescribe it as a "light that had a lot of good things in it" (age 5), or "I saw the sun and it had a happy face for me" (a 3 y/o),"you'll see, Dr. Morse, heaven is fun"(age 7), most intriguingly, "I went into a huge noodle when I died, well it must have been a tunnel because I don't think noodles have rainbows in them.(age 5).

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