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Posted: March 20, 2015 at 11:43 pm

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I had to tap in to add perspective of the current energies and how to utilize them. First, I want to make clear that in this realm of reality, there is not right or wrong of how to tap into this energy because everyone on this Earth whether aware consciously of the transition or not, will be affected. It is unlike when we set space for a spiritual practice, where we smudge sage or say prayers, this alignment is so monumental all who inhabit this planet will shift simultaneous even if it invisible to the human eye. In saying that, I do enjoy thinking it is accelerating to be conscious of the energy transitions and to actively participate in the current of changeable energy. If you do too than please read on

I will explain the celestial events first and then go on to explain their spiritual meaning or mysticism. First, we are transitioning into the Spring-Fall Equinox depending on where you are located; the Spring Equinox will be in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the Fall Equinox.Within the same day this year, we will experience a Solar Eclipse only visible by specially Europe, to top it all off although it is a New Moon the Moon will be a Supermoon! One of six that we will experience within 2015.The view of this rare celestial alignment should be phenomenal to all who can see it since a Supermoon is when the Moon is closer to the Earth, meaning the Solar Eclipse will be amplified visually!

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We have seen many reports online about the healing benefits of Marijuana, and the effects that decriminalization & Legalization have had on the different states in the US. Obama: If Enough States Decriminalize Marijuana, Congress May Change Federal Law. Check this buzzing topic and let us know what you think.

Obama goes into a few topics in this video including concerns about climate change. At min 14:20 he talks about the decriminalization of Marijuana and the Legalization as two separate topics. Check out this video and let us know in the comments below what YOU think the US or other countries should do about this issue.

Want to get straight to the point? Go straight to min 14:20 in the video below.

This is a very hot topic for a lot of people right now. What we seem to know for sure is that people, even in congress, believe that the system we have in place right now isnt working for one reason or another.

We want to know what you think. What do you feel would work for everyone? What do you feel is standing in the way of those things happening now?

Please join the discussion in the comments below.

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Spirit Science | Seeking Higher Consciousness

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