Zeo and Athletes' Performance Team Up to Bring the Restorative Power of Sleep to Elite and Professional Athletes

Posted: February 16, 2012 at 5:27 pm

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BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire -02/16/12)- Zeo, the leading sleep management company, and Athletes' Performance, the world-renowned leader in integrated performance training, nutrition and physical therapy, today announced a partnership that incorporates Zeo's technology into the Athletes' Performance training program. Athletes' Performance works closely with elite and professional athletes as well as military personnel and is proud to be supporting a record 74 athletes who have been invited to the NFL Combine, taking place in Indianapolis from February 22 to 28.

A grossly underutilized tool for performance, sleep is critical to physical recovery and mental coordination and can provide a significant competitive edge for athletes. As evidenced in Zeo's recent Sleep Like an All Star publication, research conducted by sleep and sports expert Cheri Mah of Stanford University has demonstrated that more sleep helped collegiate football players take 0.15 seconds off their 40-yard dash, basketball players increase their free throw shooting by 11 percent, and swimmers improve their reaction time off the starting block by 17 percent.

Athletes' Performance plans to introduce Zeo products, including Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile and Zeo Sleep Manager Bedside, to their users and extensive network of trainers. Their Core Performance program, used by leading corporations such as Intel, will also be incorporated. Core Performance is focused on bringing the proven fundamentals of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery developed at Athletes' Performance to consumers, and sleep is a critical component of better health for non-athletes and athletes alike.

"We're excited to team up with Athletes' Performance to further our goal of making sleep a top priority for athletes as well as the general public," said Dave Dickinson, CEO of Zeo. "This partnership speaks volumes to the importance of sleep to overall health, fitness and performance. By measuring and tracking their sleep with Zeo, Athletes' Performance clients will see a positive impact on their sleep quality and physical recovery and, as a result, their performance on the field and in the game of life."

"We're big fans of Zeo Sleep Manager and are thrilled to introduce the technology to our client base, including leading athletes, teams and executives," said Mark Verstegen of Athletes' Performance. "Sleep is as important to overall health and wellness as diet and exercise, and incorporating Zeo into our programs will add another positive level to our existing methodology."

Athletes' Performance operates four training facilities nationwide and has supported top athletes across a variety of sports, including 14 number-one NFL draft picks in 2011 and dozens of MLB All-Stars and MVPs.

About Zeo, Inc.
Zeo, Inc., headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, is a leading innovator within the rapidly emerging connected healthcare movement, where personal sensors, wireless technology and smartphones are empowering consumers to take better care of their own health. The Zeo company mission is to help people worldwide to take control of and improve their sleep, discovering its awesome and restorative power. Their new Zeo® Sleep Manager line well demonstrates the company value proposition as it helps consumers to track and assess their own sleep with clinically-proven accuracy and then provides them with mobile apps, online tools and an expert sleep coaching program to help them improve their sleep. Zeo has won the Triple Tree Award for Best Consumer Experiences in Wireless Life Sciences as well as the prestigious Edison Award for Best New Product, presented by The Discovery Channel. To learn more about Zeo, visit http://www.myZeo.com.

About Athletes' Performance
Athletes' Performance, created by Mark Verstegen in 1999, is the industry leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite athletes with world-class facilities in Phoenix, AZ; The Home Depot Center, near Los Angeles, CA; The Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida; and at Fieldhouse USA in Frisco, TX. Athletes' Performance has trained many of the top champions in sport, including 54 NFL draft selections in 2011 alone, the German National Soccer Team, and countless champions in baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, and hockey. Athletes' Performance is partnered with world-class performance companies such as adidas, EAS, SKLZ, Gatorade, Power Plate, Keiser and Axon Potential to continually evolve the world of integrated athlete training. In addition to training elite athletes, AP also drives the innovation and evolution of leading proactive wellness programming through Core Performance.

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Zeo and Athletes' Performance Team Up to Bring the Restorative Power of Sleep to Elite and Professional Athletes

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