Strong commenter opinions on evaluation, salary of two-year college chancellor Freida Hill

Posted: February 14, 2012 at 1:02 am

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Birmingham News reporter Marie Leech reported Sunday that the Alabama Board of Education will discuss two-year college Chancellor Freida Hill's future at an upcoming meeting after an evaluation showed the board is sharply divided over her performance.

Of the nine board members, four -- Ella Bell, Stephanie Bell, Betty Peters and Dr. Charles Elliott -- gave Hill many low marks on an evaluation that rates her in dozens of categories grouped into four sections: goals, personal qualities, performance and key job responsibilities, and relations with the public.

Hill began the job in December 2009, and her three-year contract expires Nov. 30. According to her contract, Hill receives an annual salary of $289,900, as well as the use of a car and a housing allowance of $24,000 a year. She also can earn up to $15,000 a year in performance bonuses, but has not received any bonuses since joining the system.

Go here to read the board's evaluation and the full story.

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Those giving her low grades are probably just parroting what some of the two-year college presidents have been saying. The presidents want it to go back to the way it was before when they had more control and had some money to spread around at their discretion.

Surely there are more qualified individuals who would be willing to work for half she is paid. What on earth has she done to deserve that much public money ? If she is getting exceptional results by all means give her big bucks, but it looks like she is mediocre at best.

Look at who ranked her lower and you get a good picture of what is going on. Stephanie Bell and Ella Peters consistently oppose efforts to move education forward in this state. Hill should highlight their disapproval as a bullet point on her resume. The fact they don't like her raises her several notches in my estimation.

I disagree with you 100%. If Ella Bell and Stephanie Bell both gave her a low performance, that should tell us VOLUMES about her work performance.
And personally I believe that if she can't afford a house payment out of $289,000 a year why is she in charge of ANYTHING? Cut the housing allowance. Now.

I don't know anything about Chancellor Hill, her qualifications, or her job performance so I have no opinion about the evaluation. What I do know, however, is that (according to this article) she is the sixth person to hold this position in as many years. Something's wrong somewhere for that kind of turnover. Whatever that problem is needs to be fixed before anyone will have success.

I know Dr. Hill to be an outstanding person who has only the best interests of the Alabama System at heart. I have known her for many years and those of you that are commenting negatively absolutely do not know what you are talking about. Alabama's system can never go back to the days of old. No one should want that. This person is a professional and I am sure that some of the decisions that she makes do not satisfy people who are used to the old corrupt system. These folks should check their ego and if they cannot be loyal they should do the honorable thing and resign. Local politicians should reach out and try to not take every little thing as a slight. After all you are the representative of the people and not the king or queen of the area you represent. Alabama is fortunate to have this person.

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Strong commenter opinions on evaluation, salary of two-year college chancellor Freida Hill

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