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The teen aged years are an important transition for everyone that sets the tone for the rest of a person's life. Parenting a teen can be difficult, because there is so much change happening at once. Dr. Todd specializes in helping teens succeed in this period of their life.

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Cognitive and Behavioral interventions are very powerful ways of changing the way a person views and interacts with the world. With these methods, the person is able to accomplish more with less stress. Dr. Todd chooses the best techniques to accomplish your goals as quickly as possible.

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Psychological testing can be useful to determine the source of academic or professional performance problems.

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Neurofeedback trains the brain to function more effectively through operant conditioning, or by providing simple rewards to encourage proper functioning over several training sessions. This helps your brain to work with less distraction, more capacity, and more clarity.

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Sports Psychology is the application of sound psychological principles to improving human performance.

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