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Posted: April 14, 2016 at 12:42 pm

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$75.00 OFF PP Pro-Status Competition Training + Nutrition Programs for 2016 Fitness Atlantic Show (At Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino, Largest most extravagant show in New England- Show Date: April 9th)

** Discounts DO apply to Payment Plans, making it more affordable.

Ask about our one-on-one Personal Training Packages: * Buy 2 + 1 FREE * Buy 3 + 1 FREE * Buy 4 + 2 FREE * Buy 5 + 3 FREE

*GIFT CERTIFICATES also available and make the PERFECT Stocking Stuffers for your loved ones looking to make a healthy lifestyle change from people who have never worked out a day in their lives and are ready to make the commitment to start somewhere and begin healthy...all the way to men and women looking to reach a goal whether is it completing a marathon, booking a photo shoot, shedding for the wedding, post pregnancy weight-loss and balance, and/or athletes looking to prepare for their next fitness show.

Our gift to you and a huge thank you to our past, present, and future clients at Personal Performance. Feeling very thankful for your support, make sure you all take advantage of our BLACK FRIDAY SALES and let's get YOU in the BEST shape of your life!!!

Happy Holiday Season, everyone!!

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