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Posted: April 23, 2016 at 6:50 pm

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Sacrum (from the Latin for "sacred") is connected to your pelvis ("ilium") particular the upper parts of the ilium called the "ala" or wi...ngs - just like the "wings" of your shoulder blades. The sacro-iliac joint is certainly one of the most important joints in the body - both for its structural and its energetic roles in our lives.

The ligaments that span the sacro-iliac joint need just the right "span." Too close and too loose, they become less healthy as tissues. So when we sit on our pelvis all day, the pelvis is pressed up into the sacrum, closing this important distance; the ligaments lose their appropriate span; they go slack. The next time you bend over suddenly without being warmed up, there is a greater chance your back will spasm. This is because the nervous system, reading the Si ligaments as less reliable, will spasm your lower back to assure stability. Thus, the importance of doing things such as yoga to open up the SI as well to strengthen the core muscles.

One can consider the deep, ancient wisdom that caused the sacrum to have its very special name. Here is one example of visionary thinking about the sacrum from Chinese acupunture (from my friend, Alan Hext) - "In Chinese acupuncture traditions the eight sacral foramina (the paired holes at each level of the sacrum) are sometimes known as the eight winds. These can be taken as vents through which the vital breaths of qi and spirit blow, as well as ability to orient to the eight directions (the sacrum in relation to the centre of gravity). This latter allows us to embody pivotal balance so we can adapt and be free to be open to all possibilities."

May your sacrum convey its wisdom in your every movement today.

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