MySammy Unveils Computer Usage Monitoring Software to Boost Employee Performance

Posted: May 22, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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WALNUT, Calif., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --MySammy today announced the immediate availability of their results-oriented "productivity measurement" software solution that provides employers and managers with detailed information on how an employee's time is spent on a computer. MySammy collects computer usage information in order to better evaluate employee computer behavior and ultimately increase their performance. The software does not collect users' sensitive data or screenshots; it collects only the data needed for effective management evaluation of "productive time" and avoids depriving users of their privacy.

MySammy is software designed for employers wanting to more closely monitor their employees' computer usage in order to effectively evaluate work performance and help them to accomplish their full potential.

MySammy software breaks down employee computer usage time into five main categories: Active/Productive, Idle, Extended Idle, Screen Saver and Non-Productive. MySammy software discreetly records activities, such as applications launched and websites visited, and clearly tracks a user's "duration of sessions" and "duration of applications used" for analysis and reporting. Furthermore, all corporate and user data is encrypted and securely transferred via SSL to MySammy servers in the cloud.

"The MySammy software solution is fundamentally changing the way employers manage computer usage to get the best performance from their staff," said Edward Kwang, President of MySammy. "We have a solution that helps employees improve their work performance without the need for spying on them or blocking their access to certain websites. In short, MySammy helps employees achieve their full potential. MySammy was originally developed for telecommuting workers and we later found its use can apply to all information workers."

Feature-Rich Management

Managers of both remote and on-site employees have 24x7 global, cloud-based access to intuitive graphs and color-coded bar and pie charts that provide data about productive, idle, and non-productive employee activity in a single glance. Managers can easily view and simultaneously evaluate all users, a few users or just one user; MySammy will effectively pull and analyze all user activity and display a "Big Picture" view for easy evaluation.

"Simply blocking non-productive websites does not encourage productivity for our employees," said Cindy Chang from Anthony California, a lamp and furniture importer. "Most of my employees have smartphones which I can't block them from checking their personal email or using Facebook. MySammy enables my managers and I to engage with a worker about their computer usage to provide spot-on performance evaluations and encourage them to achieve their best. It is so easy, flexible and informative that I can use it at home to measure my children, or even to measure my own productivity."


MySammy is priced at an extremely affordable monthly rate, with plans starting from only $7 per user per month for small businesses, up to $17 per user per month for larger businesses. Companies can try MySammy for free by visiting

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MySammy Unveils Computer Usage Monitoring Software to Boost Employee Performance

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