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What Is Performance Development?

Performance Development (PD) = Performance Management + Employee Development

Performance development is a broad term that includes performance management and employee development. It describes both managing/assessing the work that needs to be done and providing opportunities for professional growth and development.

Some areas at MIT use a web-based tool for performance development and reviews. Find it here.

There are tremendous benefits to managers, employees, and organizations that invest time and thought into performance development practices. When done consistently and well, these practices result in better performance on the individual and organizational levels, higher satisfaction and morale among staff, retention of strong performers, and an effective means for correcting poor performance.

There are also costs of failing to manage performance effectivelyunresolved performance issues lead to lower productivity, poor morale (both for problem employees and others in the unit) and, ultimately, more time and energy spent resolving issues that could have been addressed by robust performance development practices.

Each participant is responsible for making the performance development practices as effective as possible.

Download our Manager's Performance Development Toolkit (PDF) to learn more about Baseline Practices, Best Practices, and the Performance Development Improvement Process at MIT.

The Performance Development Improvement Process is facilitated and supported by the department's Human Resources Officer (HRO) and/or Organization Development Consultant (ODC) (

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HR at MIT | Performance Development | Welcome

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