Fujitsu Announces Summer 2012 Line of FMV Series of Personal Computers

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 6:14 am

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The LIFEBOOK family of notebooks includes the new UH family of "Made in Japan"(1) Ultrabooks(TM). Lightweight and measuring just 15.6mm at their thickest point-making them the world's thinnest(2) notebook PCs with an integrated hard disk drive-the UH family features a seamless, beautiful design and is equipped with a CPU from the powerful 3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) processor family.

From the ESPRIMO family of desktops, the FH family of all-in-one LCD models (FH98/HM, FH/77HD and FH56/HD) comes with a new Quick TV feature that can launch the PC's built-in TV viewer in approximately five seconds.

Fujitsu today also announced "My Cloud," a revolutionary new concept for PCs. In aiming to bring about a human centric intelligent society, the announcement is part of Fujitsu's continued efforts to create a prosperous future through a wide range of transformational technologies. Based on Fujitsu's human-centric approach of placing top emphasis on the user, My Cloud is a fresh concept in personal computing that will offer customers a new kind of experience. My Cloud will take advantage of Fujitsu's portfolio of transformational technologies-both past and future-and will present new possibilities for employing cloud computing.

1. Key Features of the Summer 2012 FMV Series Models

The new lineup includes the latest models from the UH and SH families of LIFEBOOK notebook PCs, which have been designed with a total emphasis on slimness. In addition, the ESPRIMO family of desktops boasts new models from the FH family that feature enhanced TV functionality and a revamped design.

(1) LIFEBOOK UH family: World's thinnest Ultrabook(TM)

There are two new models in the LIFEBOOK UH family of Ultrabooks(TM): LIFEBOOK UH75/H (14" wide-format LCD model) and LIFEBOOK UH55/H (13.3" wide-format LCD model). The LIFEBOOK UH75/H measures only 15.6mm at its thickest point, making it the world's thinnest LCD notebook PC with an integrated hard disk drive, weighs only 1.44kg, and offers 9.1-hours of battery runtime(3). Continuing with its efforts to pursue thinness and compactness, Fujitsu hasutilized Ultra Compressed Grid Construction technology and a durable magnesium alloy clamshell, which has undergone load testing of approximately 200kgf(4). These enable both durability and thinness, making this the ideal Ultrabook(TM) to accompany users wherever they go.

LIFEBOOK UH75/H is extremely beautifully designed thanks to an ultra-thin frame that is only 4.3mm on the top of the LCD screen and 4.1 on the left and right, and a full flat fine-panel. Both models are available in two different colors-LIFEBOOK UH75/H in Satin Red and Satin Silver, and LIFEBOOK UH55/H in Alumite Red and Alumite Silver. LIFEBOOK UH75/H also comes equipped with the latest high-performance CPU from the 3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) processor family.

(2) LIFEBOOK SH family: World's thinnest13.3-inch wide-format LCD notebook PC with an integrated optical disk drive

In addition to boasting high-spec performance that makes it perfect for use as a main machine, the thin, lightweight and long-lasting SH family of notebook PCs also features a built-in Super Multi Drive, enabling it to be carried anywhere at any time, both at home or when on the road.

Fujitsu Announces Summer 2012 Line of FMV Series of Personal Computers

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