AppNeta Introduces Industry-leading Network Traffic Analysis Solution to Identify Top Causes of Bandwidth Problems

Posted: June 13, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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AppNeta, the leading provider of end-user centric network and application performance management solutions, today announced the launch of PathView Cloud with FlowView Intelligent Application Visibility (IAV) and breakthrough network traffic analysis capabilities. Compared to traditional netflow analysis tools in the market, PathView with FlowView offers the easiest, most in-depth view of application traffic and causes of network performance problems.

With the rapid increase in personal devices and shared network resources, it is critical for network and application managers to have visibility of all levels of activity and application traffic specific to individual users, devices and applications. As the first cloud-delivered solution to analyze network activity, regardless of hardware in place at remote locations, PathView Cloud with FlowView gives IT teams the data they need to know exactly what is happening on their networks and which devices and users are contributing to performance problems. With this insight, it is easy to identify who and what is causing network congestion and poor application performance.

Prior to using PathView Cloud with FlowView, we would spend weeks looking for a phantom performance issue, said Bill Gillis, manager of Clinical Application Services at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. PathView Cloud with FlowView gives us the deep dive visibility into network performance, application traffic and flow analysis that we could not get from any netflow tools. This has been one of the greatest bang for the buck technologies that weve implemented.

For the first time, IT managers can access intuitive, easy-to-understand network usage analysis, presented in clear traffic summaries and classified into simple categories, such as recreational or business-related. PathView Cloud customers drill down into their top applications to get a breakthrough level of detail, beyond standard http traffic to get meaningful data about which application and individuals are causing the problems from to

PathView Cloud with FlowView is offering a level of network traffic analysis and intelligent application visibility that has never been available before, said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta. We are excited to offer an easy, scalable solution to tell you what is happening on your network and who is using all of your bandwidth.

Traffic and flow analysis gives users a valuable view of user activity and network bottlenecks. PathView Cloud with FlowView provides continuous and easy-to-access insight into network usage patterns, changes in user activity, and alignment between network usage and outlined policy. This data enables network managers and business managers alike to see which users and applications are consuming capacity and negatively affecting the performance of critical applications.

Pricing and Availability

FlowView is an add-on module to the cloud-delivered PathView Cloud service. FlowView can be enabled immediately on the PathView Cloud microAppliances and does not require flow-enabled devices. To learn more about PathView Cloud with FlowView, please join the Webinar: How to Understand Network Traffic for Mere Mortals: Easy, affordable network usage insight and analysis on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET. Sign up at:

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AppNeta Introduces Industry-leading Network Traffic Analysis Solution to Identify Top Causes of Bandwidth Problems

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