A romantic Cardle on Valentine's Day

Posted: February 15, 2012 at 6:46 pm

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Samantha Massey was stunned when 2010 X Factor winner Matt Cardle arrived at her work and began to serenade her.

The surprise "Cardle-o-gram" had been won by Samantha's fianc� Ross McGagh in a competition on Manchester's Key 103 radio station.

The 24-year-old nursery worker blushed and clutched a bunch of flowers as Essex lad Matt warbled his new single, Amazing, which was released yesterday.

The impromptu performance at Little Learners Day Nursery in Stretford, Greater Manchester, shows Matt is happy to settle for smaller audiences since his 2010 talent show triumph.

Favourite singer ... Samantha Massey and Matt Cardle

Cavendish Press

While debut single When We Collide topped the charts, Matt's most recent release Starlight only reached number 185 in the charts in December last year.

But Samantha is clearly still a huge fan, gushing: "My boyfriend walked into my work with loads of people I didn't recognise and told me Matt Cardle was coming to sing to me � and then he walked in.

"I just went very red and hid behind the flowers my boyfriend had brought for me.

"It was lovely, we had a bit of a chat and he was talking to me about his brother just having a baby, and then he started playing."

And fortunately, Samantha loves new track Amazing � even though it has only just hit shops.

She explained: "I'm a big Matt Cardle fan and he played my favourite song, it was amazing.

"Ross can be romantic when he puts his mind to it."

Engaged ... Ross McGagh and Samantha Massey

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And Ross told how he wanted to do something special for his bride-to-be after learning she was pregnant last month.

He explained: "I have a lot of health problems and she works and she's expecting a baby.

"It was just my way of thanking her. I just found out a month ago and we're over the moon, I can't wait.

"Samantha makes me happier than I ever thought I could be, she deserves to be treated to something that happens once in a lifetime because she is one in a million."

And superfan Samantha even had an eye on Matt's signature cap.

Ross added: "She loves Matt Cardle and his hats. She even asked him if she could have his hat."

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A romantic Cardle on Valentine's Day

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