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In its first season, The Bold Type became an instant classic, creating relatable and strong female protagonists. But not all episodes hit the mark.

The Bold Type is a female empowerment powerhouse,even inits pilot season, it made a huge impression.

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Even though each episodefocuses onsuch different topics, the ladies of Scarlett magazine don't disappoint when it comes to matters of the workplace, heart, and friendship.

In this season, we see the characters' backgrounds and personalities established. The simple foundation of who they are and why they are that way. Despite that, in every seasonsome episodes stand out more than others. It'll be interesting to see how IMDb users feel about the episodes from this Freeform hits trial season.

In this episode, audiences find ourfavorite ladies from Scarlet going through a time of growth. Jane writes an article about a woman who previously worked on Wall Street and now takes pride in her work as a stripper. Unfortunately, her piece isn't received well and inevitably gets Scarlet in legal trouble.

Kat deals with the fact that things with her and Adena are becoming serious quickly. Adena even plans to break up with her longtime girlfriend for Kat, which makes things more real and stressful for her. Finally, we see Sutton get her job offer with the fashion department and she quickly learns that she is getting a pay deduction. Throughout the episode we see her navigate how she wants to go about this transition and how she can compensate for the financial shortcomings.

When a massive traffic jam, caused by a presidential visit, surrounds office building, members from the Scarlet team including Jane, Sutton, Alex, and even pinstripe are stuck for hours on end. This allows Jane to think about a possible new job and a growing bond to form between Sutton and Alex.

While most of her friends are cooped up in the office, Kat is at the airport (via the purchase of an $11,000 first-class ticket) with Adena after she was detained. In the end, they spend as much time together before Adena flies back home, leaving Kat and the others at crossroads.

After turning down the ad sales job, Sutton feels that she has found her dream job as Olivers fashion assistant, but she is also scared that she doesnt have what it takes to get the job. Meanwhile, we find Jane, post-orgasm article.

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She takes matters into her own hands and set up a date with pinstripe after work. Later things take a sad turn when Kat uses her platform to stand up for gender equality in terms of virtual reality production. Unfortunately, this results in her being attacked online. Eventually, as things seem to get worse, other women online support her and come up with a way to change the technology instead of being silenced by the trolls.

Opportunities are all around the ladies in this episode. Sutton is one of the few being considered for the fashion assistant job, but unfortunately, Oliver thinks that she went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Sutton goes about trying to maneuver things in the office without anyone realizing the misinformation. Jane is asked to be apart of an up-and-coming political writers panel butis forcedto deal with her evolving relationship with "Pinstripe" after he invites himself to the panel.

Meanwhile, Kat is trying to figure out her feelings toward Adena, so she uses the letter of recommendation that Adena asked her for as an excuse to spend more time with her.

A memorable episode in the first season,Jane and Kat have dinner at Sutton's boyfriend, Richard's house for the first time. Meeting your friend's new boyfriend is already stressful enough without theextramental stresses each girl is facing.

Kat is coping with the fact that herstaffer is negatively effecting Scarlet's online brand. Jane is forced to deal with the ever-evolving relationship between her and Ryan aka Pinstripe. Sutton starts networking by going to a high tea event, resulting in hershowing uplate to dinner stoned. Ending the night with all three girls in Richard's bathtub shows the audience how solid and necessary these ladies' friendship is.

There is no surprise that thisone was one of the best. Throughout this episode we see Scarlet focusing on Breast Cancer awareness. We see Kat going full force on social media front lines after finding out that her post with a woman's nipple was taken down based on social media guidelines. While Jane is writing a story that hits close to home. An article thatfocuses on the BRCA gene test, puts her in an uncomfortable situation knowing that she has a higher chance of carrying the gene.

On the other hand, we see Sutton on her first day as a fashion assistant, learning the ropes and trying to prove herself in the process. In the end, even though each of them has personal matters they need to tend to, we see them together supporting Jane through the tough process that is her upcoming preventative breast health care.

With rumors swirling around the office, everyone starts to worry about their job security at Scarlet. This putting a sense of urgency and opportunity into Alex, Jane, and others. Even more so, Kat has to keep the news of lay-offs a secret from her two best friends because of her position in the company.

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Outside of that craziness, we find Jane, Sutton, and Kat on a group date since they all are single at the same time for the first time in a while. Using this data as a distraction from past relationships, Kat and Sutton are focusing on their dates to try and get over Adena and Richard.

In the second episode of the series, we see the girls tested in several ways. Sutton isgivenan opportunity to climb the Scarlet ladder and join the Safford ad sales team. But her heart is not in sales and she finds herself wondering if the job is the right move for her.

Kat starts to spend more time with Adena after the initial profile article had gone up, and starts to realize that her feelings may not be strictly platonic.

Lastly, audiences see Jane in an uncomfortable position after being assigned to write an article on the best orgasm that she ever had, but the kicker is she hasn't had one yet. This prompts her to seek guidance from her friends and find her voice in a topic that she is unfamiliar with.

Every episode in this season made an impression, but unfortunately, the pilot episode wasn't well received.Within this episode we see Jane struggling to write an article about her ex, Kat being confused about her feelings for a local artist, and Sutton trying to move from assistant to the fashion department while also secretly dating one of Scarlet's lawyers.

With so much going on it can be hard to get a feel of the show and the characters that are being established. Despite that, the fact that the lowest-rated episode is right below an 8 shows promise for the series as a whole.

There is no surprise that the heart-wrenching season finale is the highest-rated episode. All of the ladies are at crossroads: Jane writing her last piece for Scarlet, Kat dealing with her feelings for Adena, and Suttonbeing forced to deal with her feelings for Richard.

Everything in this episode pulls audiences in from the Scarlet New York Fashion Week party to Jacqueline revealing that she was sexually assaulted. Throughout the final scenes, some lingering questions were answered while others were formed. Making for the perfect ending to the season.

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