Personal and Professional Empowerment Coaching for Women …

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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a highly trained professional whose role is to help guide you to a deepened knowledge and awareness of your own best self and to assist in the development of tools that enable you to more effectively set and achieve specific goals, achieve personal empowerment and enhance quality of life.

Aneas unique and highly customized approach to coaching women is rooted in the belief that the average woman has been socialized out of knowing and valuing her authentic self. Commonly, after the age of 9 we begin to adhere to a societal standard that dictates how a woman is supposed to look, act and speak in order to be considered beautiful, desirable and acceptable. This typically leads us to tuck away the natural self-love we feel as a child and all the inner knowing we carry about ourselves and the world around us, and replace it with data related to being what everyone else wants or needs us to be. Over time, much like we forget what is in the keepsake box we stored in the attic decades ago, by the time we are 30, 40 and 50 years-old, we have forgotten how to truly love ourselves and trust our inner voice.

Aneas work with a woman is dedicated to guiding her back around to her authentic self and supporting her in creating a daily experience in her personal and professional life that reflects and honors the woman she is.

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Personal and Professional Empowerment Coaching for Women ...

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