KYOTO BOTANICALS and ROMP Announce Partnership During Limb Loss Awareness Month to Help Provide Prosthetic Care to Those Without Access – Yahoo…

Posted: April 12, 2020 at 8:45 pm

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LONGMONT, Colo., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The KYOTO BOTANICALS and Range of Motion Project (ROMP) partnership will generate awareness and support for the two million Americans and 28 million people globally living with limb loss and its impact on their lives. Combining their mission and passion for improving quality of life, these two organizations hope to increase access to devices that enable personal empowerment and hemp products that help bring balance and harmony to body and mind.

During April 2020, which is Limb Loss Awareness Month, when consumers use the code EMPOWER at, KYOTO BOTANICALS will donate 25% of proceeds to ROMP and give consumers 20% their order. This partnership will support ROMP's mission to provide life-changing prosthetic and orthotic devices to those in need and bring the whole-body benefits of high-quality hemp extract to as many people as possible.

"We are excited to combine our belief that nature provides us what we need to help live happy, healthy lives and our mission to deliver products that are thoughtfully crafted to include only whole plant ingredients that are as close to nature as possible with ROMP's mission to increase the mobility, visibility, and dignity of all those marginalized by lack of access to rehabilitative technology," said Ron Morrow, CEO of KYOTO BOTANICALS. "This partnership will help people confront, cope with, and overcome the physical and mental barriers created by the loss of a limb."

David Krupa, founder and Executive Director of ROMP expressed, "ROMP is thrilled to partner with KYOTO BOTANICALS, a socially minded alternative health company. ROMP believes in partnering with innovative companies that drive local economic growth and employment while empowering their customers to drive social change through each purchase. 9 out of 10 amputees in the world do not have access to prosthetic care and we are excited that KYOTO BOTANICALS is joining ROMP in the fight to build a better future for amputees."

About KYOTO BOTANICALS KYOTO BOTANICALS delivers high quality CBD products to help bring harmony and balance to people's lives and positively affect the world and those around them. Grounded in family roots and a belief that small things make a big impact, we believe in giving back to the community and are dedicated to building a brand that can impact local and global needs. Through our line of innovative hemp-based products, KYOTO BOTANICALS thoughtfully combines the finest ingredients in nature to deliver quality, consistency, and results from batch to batch.

About ROMP ROMP is a technology-based, nonprofit organization, which provides high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, thus enhancing mobility and unlocking human potential. ROMP believes that prosthetic limbs are not simply medical devices, but instruments of personal empowerment. ROMP recognizes the dual hardships of living in poverty with a disability and stands in solidarity with those who are made to suffer from an unequal distribution of care.

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KYOTO BOTANICALS and ROMP Announce Partnership During Limb Loss Awareness Month to Help Provide Prosthetic Care to Those Without Access - Yahoo...

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