Diana Gordon is the Grammy-Award Winning Artist You’re Sleeping On & Need In Your Life Today – Just Jared

Posted: April 12, 2020 at 8:45 pm

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Diana Gordon oozes talent from her fingertips and her list of collaborators is a testament to that. In the past, shes worked with Mark Ronson, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Ciara, Florence Welch, The xxs Romy Madley Croft and last but not least, Beyonce (Lemonades Sorry, Daddy Lessons and Dont Hurt Yourself).

The singer-songwriter just released a new stripped-back EP called Wasted Youth. [Its] mostly about my love life and experiences with men, Diana shared. I didnt have my father to learn from, so his absence was a great opportunity to learn from life. Most of the songs represent my phases of maturity and the types of men I was attracting at those times: from fuck boys with bad intentions that seemed good and tortured artists to intelligent, well-spoken savants. The lyrics in a few of the songs are not a journal, but more so a mood. Diana continued, The EP is called Wasted Youth because for the better half of my twenties and years after, I dated one guy. If this was High Fidelity, that relationship would be, the #1 most hurtful. The one that left the biggest imprint. Our story didnt have the fairytale ending I was promised. He defined my literal youth for me, and although I am forever young and my inner child is still happily thriving, I cant help but feel that the time I spent with him was wasted time that Ill never get back.

And if thats not enough, give her whole discography a listen. You wont be disappointed! A personal favorite is the female empowerment anthem Woman.

You can download Diana Gordons new EP off of iTunes here listen to Wasted Youth below!

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Diana Gordon is the Grammy-Award Winning Artist You're Sleeping On & Need In Your Life Today - Just Jared

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