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Personal Empowerment: The Basics

Personal Empowerment is something that all of us chase, at least to some degree and to some extent. And yet, many people fail to understand what the concept really means. Many people chase personal empowerment from the outside. They read books, they attend classes, and they seek out people who make them feel better about themselves.

All of these activities are certainly positive and worthwhilebut maybe its time to start looking at what personal empowerment really means.

To truly find empowerment, you need to develop it within yourself. This, unfortunately, isnt achieved in a monumental, profound moment of enlightenment or a miraculous healing eventbut rather, is something that we live and demonstrate on a day-to-day basis. Its a process that takes time, dedication, hard work, and devotion.

The biggest challenge that we all face, when it comes to finding our own sense of empowerment and self-worth, is that were usually habitual in our self-judgement and self-criticism. We reject ourselves out of habit, not because we have real, rational reasons to do so.

Please dont misunderstandself-doubt and self-criticism arent always so easily explained. Sometimes, these issues are very deep-seated and complicated. But in the words of the famous Sean Covey, we become what we repeatedly do.

If you make an effort to live an empowered life, and wake up every morning with a sense of intentionality and dedication concerning this goal, then youll find yourself much more likely to be successful.

The hard, cold truth is that self-empowerment really needs to be self-taughtand we can only teach it to ourselves by becoming what we wish to be. This means that you need to visualize the you that you wish to be one dayand then create that person with your words and actions.

This doesnt mean that you pretend to be something youre not. It means that you habitually correct one negative behavior at a time, until the process becomes automatic. And when this happens, youll realize that the change wasnt an act. It was real, genuine, and effective.

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