Thesys International Celebrates Innovation With Interactive Campaign

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ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwire -02/14/12)- Thesys International, a new education technology business that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education, is celebrating innovation with an open dialogue via Twitter, Facebook and its blog (, inviting readers to submit and rate their favorite innovations as well as providing its own ratings on today's most innovative ideas and concepts.

Innovation is part of the core mission at Thesys, and the company is hoping to draw more attention to creative ideas and spark some valuable discussion about how innovation can transform American education. The tweets, posts and blogs in Thesys' innovation campaign are intended to inspire educators and administrators alike to embrace the benefits of new ideas.

"We're celebrating innovation of any type, in any field, and encouraging participants to rate them and think creatively about how those innovations could apply to education," says Alan Rudi, Principal Solutions Strategist at Thesys International. "The best solutions to any challenge can come from anywhere -- especially when we share ideas and work together. Our hope is that we can gather those who are passionate about improving education, bounce ideas off one another and create some exciting possibilities for the future of American education."

Thesys' early blog posts will explore educational applications of interactive digital books, delve into the genesis of "Eureka!" moments and the process of innovation, and introduce a rating system designed to showcase innovations throughout history and how they can be reimagined to apply to the field of education.

Thesys International launched in 2009 as a division of Fairmont Education Group, Southern California's leading educational provider. The company designs and implements hybrid education programs to enhance high-school classrooms while supporting schools and empowering teachers. Thesys builds partnerships with schools to implement eLearning programs quickly and effectively, allowing administrators to drive the end product. Arming teachers with the necessary tools to make learning environments relevant and inspiring is a crucial step in Thesys' ability to enhance student outcomes. For more information about the turnkey solutions Thesys provides, visit

About Thesys International LLC: Launched in 2010, Thesys International, LLC, is an educational service provider that supports schools with a hybrid online/classroom approach to education. As a division of the Fairmont Education Group, Thesys represents the culmination of thought, curricular innovation and evolution of the classroom Fairmont has supported since 1953. Thesys works alongside educators and provides a curriculum that works with schools' existing standards and protocols to help students reach their full potential. Thesys International is dedicated to providing high school students the optimal balance of online and in-person learning, making education more relevant for a new generation. For more information about Thesys' turn-key systems and its innovative hybrid education approach, visit, call 714-234-2727 or email

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Thesys International Celebrates Innovation With Interactive Campaign

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