Taiji: Conflict Resolution through Exercise Science – Video

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08-11-2011 08:35 http://www.teishininstitute.com As a meta-program of conflict resolution, no physical regimen surpasses Taijijquan. Students will learn the art through interaction with a partner as a way to make sense of the solo-form, contextualizing the solo postures and movements. The ability to move smoothly through contentious situations is essential for the practitioner of Chinese medicine in the west, dominated as it is by a medical system and thinking that are not always welcoming to the holistic approach of TCM. This course lays a solid foundation for responding to difficult professional interactions while providing an exercise routine for daily maintenance of the practitioner's health and balance so that heshe may serve hisher patients at the highest level. Students will be able to: * Understand and discuss the philosophical, historical and epistemological fundamentals of taiji * Demonstrate proper structure and posture while interacting with a partner * Demonstrate application of the principle of taiji

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Taiji: Conflict Resolution through Exercise Science - Video

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