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24-01-2012 12:10 For academic administrators at colleges who question how to offset declining revenue, there exists an answer Discover the financial power of the Internet and online classes. For students who question how to reduce the cost of a higher education, there exists an answer: discover online classes. Online college classes, insightfully implemented, can mitigate rising educational costs. Traditional ways of increasing revenue by increasing the number of students on campus and raising tuition create significant downsides: significant outlays for expansion, and increased public sector dissatisfaction. Online college classes engender an upside that offsets the dependency on substantial donations and cost increases for students. Paradoxically, an online university or college can offer a greater number of students a better education at a reduced cost to the students while increasing revenue for the college and holding down outlays of the college, a win-win situation. Fittingly enough, more people are choosing an online college over attendance at a brick and mortar college. Academic administers or students who believe that a campus education is superior to an online education should read the 2010 US Department of Education report "Research on the Effectiveness of Online Learning." The report concluded that there where "significant differences in favor of online learning." For the past 10 years, learning outcomes for students who participate in online ...

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Paying For College | 2-Tier Tuition | Public State College Education - Video

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