Online education on the rise for East Tennessee students

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 6:10 am

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) - For those who believe in the importance of getting a college education, does it matter how you get it?

Many students continue to attend large universities, like the University of Tennessee. They physically come to campus and sit in class to get their degrees, but some students are doing it differently. They're getting their degrees online.

"I enjoyed it because you got down to the core of the class. You got the materials. You were able to ask for help when you needed it, but mostly you were allowed to go," said Charlie McAdams, who received his degree online from The University of Phoenix.

McAdams was working at EdFinancial while he earned his degree. He says he needed that convenience factor.

"I could do it before work or after work. I could do it after the kids went to bed. The main assignments I could do over the weekends," McAdams explained.

Getting a degree online is not for everyone. That's why at UT, only graduate students can get their degrees completely online.

"For graduate students, they're more mature. They're very focused in their studies and they can do well in that online environment. Some of them are a little challenged with the technology, especially if they're a little bit older," said Sally McMillan, UT vice provost of academic affairs.

McMillan says undergraduates seem to need more direction with in-class instruction.

One of the main ways students are using online education is by taking some classes online and coming to campus for the rest.

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Online education on the rise for East Tennessee students

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