Future of State Universities | Funding Public Education – Video

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11-01-2012 13:52 http://www.academicpartnerships.com Obtaining an education, whether for a bachelor's degree or for an advanced post graduate degree, is an important goal, but one that often runs aground on the problem of paying for college. This video by Academic Partnerships provides insights into the future of state universities. Academic Partnerships helps answer questions related to the current and future state of public universities and the shift to online. Specifically, online college classes, paying for college, attending online universities, and obtaining financial aid for college. After watching the video, simply get in touch with Academic Partnerships at http in order to contact a qualified representative to discuss the best approach to a full education, or how best to bring online courses to qualified Tier 1 universities. Academic Partnerships stands ready to assist students with meeting those personal and professional academic and career goals that will help them face the challenges of the future. http://www.FutureOfStateUniversities.com Speakers included - Governor. Jeb Bush, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Dr. Michael Crow, Dr. Steve Murdock, US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, Dr. Martha Kanter, Sal Khan, Dr. Walter Bumphus, Dr. Ralph Wolff, Dr. Belle Wheelan, Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, Dr. Michael Wesch, Former Prime Minister John Howard, Dr. Clayton Christensen. Sal Khan We're actually using technology to, as intuitive as it sounds, humanize the actual physical experience. You know ...

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Future of State Universities | Funding Public Education - Video

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