AskAmy.TV: My angry child tells me she hates me, runs away and calls me stupid. – Video

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09-11-2011 23:04 ► Ask Amy McCready a question at ► AskAmy.TV ◄ More Info ▼ Do you need help with a parenting problem? Ask Amy McCready! -- Your question may be answered by Amy via video. You may submit your question via text or video. Simply "Ask Amy" at http Amy's book available now at ... AMAZON: KINDLE ITUNES: For more information or live webinars and advanced parental training, please visit us at: When Your Kids Behave Better, Your Whole World Is Better. Stressed-Out Parents Turn To Positive Parenting Solutions For Answers Let's face it, if your day is filled with back talk, tantrums, not listening, whining, sibling rivalry, bedtime's just not a good day. But imagine your life when misbehaviors are few and far between and when they do occur, you know exactly what to do...and it works! Wouldn't that make your life better? Online training from Positive Parenting Solutions will make your life better. The strategies you'll learn are designed to reduce the negative behaviors you don't want and give you more of the positive behaviors you do want. If you're ready for your kids to behave better and see what a difference that makes in your world, click the link below to learn more about our FREE training: WHAT WE DO: Our online training program starts off by teaching you WHY children misbehave and how you may be contributing to the problem. (In order to correct the misbehaviors ...

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AskAmy.TV: My angry child tells me she hates me, runs away and calls me stupid. - Video

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