Almeda University Discusses Path Forward for Online Learning Revolution

Posted: June 12, 2012 at 10:14 am

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wall Street Journal recently published a story announcing edX, a $60 million online educational partnership between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. EdX is just the beginning of a revolutionary change in the educational system, the two schools claimed. Almeda University, an online educational resource, agreed that a revolution is coming for online education and it is not slowing down. In fact, Almeda believes the revolution will pick up steam in the coming years.

But some critics are skeptical of online learning, saying it will destroy the "college experience," which normally encompasses students being in campus and interacting with professors face-to-face. However, Richard Smith of Almeda University said the skeptics are "living in another time" if they truly think online education is harming a person's chances of experiencing college. Almeda University has provided online educational opportunities for the past 15 years. Although the experience is different, it is also new and unique to students.

"The college campus experience has always been exclusionary to a large percentage of the population," Smith said. "Almeda University began its mission in 1997 as an inclusive process whereby access to education was open to everyone. We believe that education should not simply be a small limited club -- but should be open to all who are interested."

Supporters of online education argue that students do no need to physically be on campus to get in a college education. One professor can reach thousands, if not millions, of students online at a more affordable price. Some people think online education equals only lectures, but Almeda University students gain so much more. They are exposed to an array of teaching tools and can work at their own pace.

In addition, online learning offers a substantial cost savings on not only the students, but the school too, Smith said. "Online learning allows significantly larger classroom sizes without creating a burden on administration," he said.

Despite what critics believe, online education does include social interaction, even if it's not in the traditional sense people have become accustomed to in past years. "The 35,000 strong Almeda University alumni have created a unique bond through online groups where they interact, exchange ideas and promote each other's businesses," Smith said.


Founded in 1997, Almeda University has provided online educational programs to its students for many years. The educational facility offers a variety of courses so students will meet their academic and professional goals. The institution incorporates innovative technology into its Web-based environment to cater to different learning styles. Because of this effort, Almeda University can reach students of all ages and help them achieve their educational goals in a timely manner. For more information, go to

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Almeda University Discusses Path Forward for Online Learning Revolution

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