Almeda University Comments on Fading Stigma of Online Learning

Posted: June 13, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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SAN JUAN, PR--(Marketwire -06/13/12)- Online education may conjure up many thoughts among Americans. Younger generations might be swayed by tasteless commercials, employers may not hire those with online degrees and those who earned their degrees through traditional universities may feel that the resource is only for those who lack time or money. However, a recent Huffington Post article says that the practice is making progress, and becoming more accepted into mainstream society. Almeda University, an online education resource, is proud that the company has made it through this difficult period and hopes that more and more students will want to try online learning.

The article's author compares online education's progress to that of online dating. In the past, online dating was regarded as a practice for "weirdos and perverts," but today more than 20 percent of all relationships are started through a matchmaking website. Online education may be encountering similar trends, as many employers and educational voices did not regard degrees earned through the Internet as legitimate.

Almeda University President Richard Smith recalls these early struggles. "Almeda University began offering online learning in 1997. Very few employers recognized or accepted this form of learning. Well-educated students were forced to lie to their employers and provide a fictitious campus location before the employer will accept the degree credential."

Smith adds that since 2001, there were several complaints from previous students whose employers were furious to find out that his or her degree was earned through an online educator. Fortunately, Almeda University kept along with its forward-thinking ideal and proved that its educational lessons were just as valid as those received at traditional institutions. To date, Smith has received less and less e-mails from students expressing their disappointment.

According to the article, public opinion can change drastically and change fast, especially when respected voices weigh in on the matter. Online educational programs from Stanford, Princeton and Harvard have had many people reassessing the potential of web-based learning.

In Smith's perspective, even the universities had to change their minds about online education to create this shift. The Almeda University official explains, "The black-eye on online learning was created by traditional universities. Now these traditional universities that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to dispraise the value of online learning, have begun offering the same product that they decried for so many years."

Smith is excited by the increasing numbers of online students, and hopes that these changing trends will allow for further advancements in online education and its delivery.


Almeda University was created in 1997 to provide online educational resources to students. Today the organization, offers a variety of courses to help a diverse range of students meet their educational and professional goals. The institution has adapted with changing technology to deliver more opportunities and allow for different learning styles. Continuing with these trends, Almeda University is committed to providing top-notch, affordable and convenient education solutions to students of all ages all across the world.

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Almeda University Comments on Fading Stigma of Online Learning

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