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Every student can excel in a distance education course, especially at a university with established infrastructure and experience. Source: Bay Ismoyo/AFP

Students pursuing distance education are turning to digital platforms more than ever before, surpassing its traditional correspondence methods.

Research has assessed the capability of online, or e-learning, against more traditional teaching mediums. The benefits of online education stretch far beyond student experience alone, producing graduates who are not only literate but fluent in the most cutting-edge technologies.

One of the most influential studies derives from the US Department of Education. In its report, the Department notes that students who took all or part of their courses online performed better than those who took the same course solely in a traditional face-to-face environment.

On top of this, distance education gives students the chance to sculpt their degree around existing work commitments and future aspirations for a much more affordable price.

Thats why, in the words of educational technology expert Elliot Masie, We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.

Here are three leading US providers of online and distance education for your consideration.

UNM online programmes promise flexibility without compromising quality, empowering students with the same graduate outcomes found on more traditional degrees. Courses are offered in a flexible eight-week format, five times per year. Attending UNM online means you have the freedom to earn your degree while you continue to manage the demands of work and family obligations.

At UNM Online you will access course content and interact with peers through a range of multimedia technologies. Every module is delivered in its own unique style, blending to create a study experience free from global boundaries and borders.

UOs Distance Education is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Online courses are offered for a wide range of disciplines, giving students the chance to earn a degree from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The university employs powerful web-based tools to elevate the learning experience. Courses are presented via the Canvas course management system, while some require students to take in-person, proctored exams.

UOs Distance Education programmes stick to the same term schedule as on-campus courses, and credits are awarded in the very same way. One thing that sets UO apart from both regional and global competition is that there is truly no difference between the online curriculum when compared to a classroom-based course.

OSU Online, ranked as the top Online Undergraduate Programme by US News and World Report, prepares all student participants for lasting career success. Here, exceptional members of faculty prepare you to tackle some of the worlds most pressing issues, placing you among like-minded individuals whose potential knows no bounds.

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3 leading online and distance education providers in the US - Study International News

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