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Posted: June 12, 2020 at 1:48 am

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Jessica Eye (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

Jessica Eye does not bother listening to the haters ahead ofUFC Vegas 2.

Jessica Eye has bigger things to worry about when it comes to her UFCVegas 2 headling fight with Cynthia Calvillo and its not what the fans (or haters) are saying on social media.

I dont really care, Eye told FanSided when the fan complaints about the depth of this fight night were brought up. I cant say for everyone else but I really dont pay attention to what other people say and anytime I do, I fail miserably. Anytime I make decisions based upon others, anytime I care what other people think it takes me to a really bad place. I just dont function that way anymore maybe time has changed me but all I know is that last week was a great main event and that was a female main event. This week is another female main event and Im gonna make sure I put all 10 toes on the ground and really give people a great event. All I could do is rise to my occasion, and worry less about what other people think.

Strong mental attitude is a must for any fighter, but especially so for women who arguably have more to contend with in terms of the fight game. An Eye is not immune to those difficulties. Her last outing, a match withViviane Araujo in December, saw her miss weight due in part to her menstrual cycle.

It was a bad water load and was a menstrual cycle, says of the mishap. So, it really sucks that it happened that way but its definitely something that I focused on over the past couple months on tracking and on understanding the female body as well as eating the foods that help the female body. Ive worked really closely with the [UFC Performance institute] as well as Savannah Ige, Dan Iges wife. She really came through and helped me a lot.

The issue is one that many female fighters have spoken about and one that Eye wishes the fans and fellow fighters would take into account before dragging a fighter for missing weight. Following her win Eye spoke about the issues and many fans claimed she was lying or stretching the truth to excuse the weight miss.

Why should I care what anybody else thinks its the truth? she said. Regardless of what somebody else says how can you persuade my mindset or hurt me? It was the truth. I cant fix it. I couldnt control it. It was the truth so why should I. Why should I care what people dont want to understand and dont want to believe in. I hope all those people have daughters wives, sisters. I hope they get a chance to really see it and see how it works. Unfortunately, its a part of being a female, you know, and its a part of our life.

I wish they were a little bit more understanding of us and a wish just a wish. It doesnt mean that I have to sit there and everyday go I wish men understood me more. I can only do my part and, unfortunately, it was something that I struggled with in front of everybody. And so be it. Its a part of life.

With that moment in her past, Eye has justCalvillo to focus on, and an outcome for her fight in mind.

I really want to finish, Eye said. I really, really, really, really want to finish. But its hard to say how itll go because I never know what Im going in to. Im expecting the best Cynthia possible so Im assuming shes going to try to wrestle me so if she tries to wrestle me down and does get me down, Im going to submit her. If we stay standing, Im going to release that right hand with venom. So, wherever the fight goes, Im prepared. Im ready.

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