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Posted: June 17, 2021 at 1:52 am

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Renee Singh

Many of us are going through a super level of metamorphosis, trying to adjust to the new normal that has become a way of life for us now.

Slowly and steadily as the truth of our existing situation is settling in, we are silently settling within. It is actually a subtle shift.

Over the years, the human mind has learnt to be malleable in order to succeed. It knows how to adjust to its ever-changing circumstances and environment, so that it could be in a more productive phase constantly.

New beliefs

Slowly, as we assimilate all the new information we have been provided with, we have been working on changing our own belief system, so that we can be at an amicable level of adjustment to the world around us. This is the only way we can be viably productive, as we need to feel comfortable at all levels of functioning in society, in order to feel like winners. We are winners if we are allowing a channelised flow of our energy in the right direction.

Build a better self-image

This is how you see yourself. Are you seeing yourself as confident and assertive, or shy and scared? Do you see the positive in people, or the negative? Your opinion of yourself is what eventually makes or breaks you.

Positive thinking is a waste of time if you do it selectively. It determines how high you fly. We have the power to lift our self image or lower it.

Decision making skills

Ultimately it is your decision making skill that determines where you ultimately land yourself. Your sub-conscious mind is your powerhouse and your decision-maker.

Replay mental video

We think in pictures. The way we talk to ourselves, makes us create pictures mentally and that in turn controls how we feel emotionally.

We need to replay an event in our minds and then start positive self talk, telling ourselves how great we feel.

Talk your way to success

Often we are harsh and judgmental about ourselves. We are critical about every little thing we do. This, of course, arises from a negative self image. So, we need to change our perception of ourselves.

Importance of attitude

Attitude is more important than education, money or circumstances we cannot control. The one thing we are completely in charge of is our attitude. As the saying is that in life 10 per cent is what actually happens, and 90 per cent is how we react to it.

Know what you want

We are mostly scared to look within to see what we really want, what is it that our heart truly wants.

We are taught as kids not to have desires, but it needs to be understood that challenges are important for growth. Desire creates a focus and challenges the mind, which leads to growth.

Unlimited growth

Every human being needs to tap his potential. He needs to understand that sky is the limit. All is within our control, as long as we allow it.

Keeping all these factors in perspective, life should definitely become an exciting and fulfilling journey.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psycho therapist)

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The human mind knows how to adjust to its ever-changing circumstances - The Tribune India

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