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Posted: September 15, 2020 at 2:56 pm

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A mental health advocate, Army Captain and Movember ambassador who has survived both testicular and bowel cancer, all before the age of 30, has teamed up with Dr Izzy Smith to create a new series; Behind the Uniform.

The series will explore the idea that we all wear a uniform. Whether its the clothes you wear to work, or a metaphor for putting up a front, often theres a lot going on behind the uniform, and many of us are reluctant to express how we are really feeling.

The series guarantees no topic is off limits there will be tears, laughter and goose bumps, explains co-host, Captain Hugo Toovey.

The ten-part podcast supported by both Movember and Fox Sports, will feature such prominent Australians as:

Hugo said guest, Moises Henriques, summed up the tone of the podcast perfectly when he said; While things may appear all smiles and good times, it definitely is not like that all the time. Ive felt like shedding as many tears as our baby Archie. Its just a reminder of the misleading representation social media can portray on our not so perfect lives.

Hugo noted that while the current episodes feature well known sportsmen, moving forward they hope to incorporate the stories of everyday Australians.

Dr Izzy Smith featured on Hugos earlier podcast 25 STAY ALIVE. The two hit it off, realising how much they had in common and decided to join forces. Dipping into their own experiences of working in demanding environments, they will weave their own insights into each episode.

Weve both worked in environments where its traditionally seen as weak to show youre struggling or need help. Both careers have notoriously high rates of suicide and mental illness. We need a cultural shift in attitude around mental health and we need to be equipping people with the right tools to manage it, she said.

They will explore concepts like vulnerability and dealing with failure, things Dr Smith has struggled with herself, in the past.

Behind the Uniform will deliver practical ways to discuss and de-stigmatise mental health issues in Australia in a relaxed and entertaining way.

Movember Global Mental Health Director Brendan Maher believes the podcast is the perfect avenue to reach men who might be experiencing difficulties in their lives.

These episodes remind us that it doesnt matter where you are in life, or what kind of uniform you wear, none of us escape lifes challenges. How we navigate them and who we open up to, is what makes the difference and sometimes its a life-saving difference.

One of the best ways to lighten the load, is to share whats going on with a mate, a loved one or a health professional.

Behind the Uniform is an important new platform to explore these concepts and learn from each other.

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Movember & Fox Sports Join Forces On Mental Health - B&T

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