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The study authors said, ``It is commonly believed that a person's mental attitude affects his or her chances of surviving cancer and the psychological coping factors that are most well known in this respect are fighting spirit and helplessness/ hopelessness.We have been questioned over our mental attitude but we have young players and they can give more and they have given more now.No matter how good your swing is or how well you strike the ball, if you don't have the correct mental attitude to play golf you will always struggle.McIntosh said: 'We've now got the mental attitude that the Cup and the Trophy are behind us.I needed to re-establish my mental attitude and I did that really, really well.That's the mental attitude out there because (John) Wooden set a standard that's unprecedented today.The swimmers took in the competition during their heaviest period of training in the season, so it was particularly pleasing to see them respond with a tougher mental attitude,'' said Coventry coach Nick Sellwood.I think we're going into CIF with a very positive mental attitude - the team likes winning.I just sensed a different mental attitude within the dressing room when the Blades only had to draw.We lost Alonso there because of a late injury and we need that same mental attitude and teamwork in this game.Researchers measured results using standard tests and questionnaires to rate health, mental attitude and life satisfaction.We will also have to show the right mental attitude and be professional in the way we approach this tie.While you learn to defend yourself you also learn how to improve your mental attitude and perseverance.Such a modest exercise regimen does not work wonders - it does not cause weight loss - but it can increase muscle flexibility and mental attitude, said Toni McBride, director of Cornell's Wellness Program.But what will be will be, it's God's will and that is a great mental attitude to have.

Mental attitude synonyms, mental attitude antonyms ...

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