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Posted: February 10, 2020 at 9:51 pm

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Published: February 9, 2020 2:06:02 pm

By Karishmma V Mangal

Whether you work full-time, or few hours a week, childcare is an important commitment as a parent. Nothing matters more than ensuring your child is in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Also, as a parent, when you sow the seeds of empathy, compassion and care early in the life of your child, theyre likely to be happier and successful when they grow up.

Most parents make the right choices while supporting their child. A good caregiver thinks and identifies beyond basic needs. A parent must focus on cultivating the right mental and physical health. A childs early home environment has a significant role on their development. Brain imaging research suggests that growing up in a disadvantaged environment causes the childs brain to develop differently.

Physical environment: The effect of physical environment on a childs development cannot be understated. If they are raised in an environment that is affected by chaos and filled with aggression, changes in the brains stress system can occur which can further lead to vulnerability to chronic diseases later in life.

Family bonding: Family has an important influence on the childs mental and physical development. It is important to provide an environment that addresses their mental, physical and emotional needs. Parents should make it a habit to spend few hours a day with their child in the form of reading a book, watching a cartoon or playing a sport. This helps in developing motor skills and team spirit.

Health and nutrition: Nutritious food is a basic need of a childs physical health. As a parent, it is your duty to inculcate healthy eating habits in them. Excessive eating can lead to a host of complications in the future.

Learning: Few parents have this belief that learning is only meant for school. Remember, more than school, your home environment stimulates your childs mental health. Provide your child with a loving home where they can develop cognitive, motor and emotional skills.

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Nutritious food

Adequate exercise

Healthy living environment

Unconditional love from parents love and acceptance should be at the heart of family life.

Safe and secure surroundings encourage them to thrive in an atmosphere that will promote their physical, social, mental and emotional well-being.

Self-confidence and self-esteem If they make mistakes, forgive them. Unconditional love, affection and support will boost their confidence.

In recent years, its no big secret that playtime has decreased tremendously. Instead of going out and playing, kids spend time in front of their iPad screens. As a parent, you must encourage them to go out and engage in physical activities. To nurture relationships with your little ones, playtime is important. Heres how:

When you make time to play with your child you re-establish a bond that began at infancy.

Colouring with your child or playing a board game with them is a great opportunity to spend time together.

Parent-child relationships also help the latter to improve their social interaction skills.

Remember, the goal of building a safe environment is to teach your child self-control. As a parent, it is important for you to know the warning signs of poor physical and mental health in your child:

Decline in school performance

Regular anxiety


Temper tantrums

Depression, sadness and irritability

Develop caring and loving relationships with your kids.

Provide opportunities for children to practice care and attitude.

Be a strong role model and mentor to them.

Create a safe and positive home environment.

Praise them when they do well.

Exposing your child to the right kind of environment will have a direct impact on their behaviour, learning and personality.

(The writer is Director and Trustee, Thakur International School Cambridge.)

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Kids mental and physical health: Why the right environment matters - The Indian Express

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