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Thriving when you don't love your work

You know that to grow your career, you must perform with gusto in your current role. That can be tough, however, if it doesnt seem like a great fit or if it doesnt inspire you. Sometimes the path to your next opportunity can be a bit rocky or a bit bland.

Either way, a reset may be necessary. Heres how to not only bide your time until your next role, but to thrive as you strive toward the next career step:

Make Friends

Find people at work you can build a relationship with and whom you appreciate. If your job is total drudgery, the people slogging through next to you can be the most important part of your survival. Misery likes company, yesbut even morepeople can help pick you up when youre down.

Focus On The Positive

If youre not loving what you do, focus on small, positive elements. Perhaps the commute is easy or the hours are good. If you dont like the content of your work, maybe at least the company has a constructive culture. Being grateful for (even) small things will do worlds for your attitude and your survival until the next opportunity presents itself.

Focus On Whats Next

While todays work may not be all you hoped it would be, youre always on a path toward whats next. Intentionally set your vision on your next role. Imagine what you will do, how youll build your skills, and the ways youll reach out to gain support from mentors. The clearer you are about whats next, the more you can make positive effort toward that next step.

Push Your Patience Button

When his son whines for what he wants, we have a friend who tells him, Push your patience button. This is good advice for adults too. Not every job will be roses and butterflies, so be patient with where you are. All careers need to grow over time and time can be the operative word. All careers also go through ups and downs. So, whether youre developing toward the next step or in a rut in your career journey, be patient. Know things will changeoften faster than you think.

Learn What Not To Do

We tend to think the best learning is through positive experiences. But, in actuality, some of the deepest learning comes from tough situations. If your boss is a tyrant, focus on what you can learn about your own future approach to leadershipwhat youll do differently. If your company doesnt value people or foster a positive culture, focus on what you can learn about what to look for in the best companies. Youll have a list of criteria at-the-ready when youre seeking your next role. Learning through negative experiences can be as powerful as learning through positive ones.

Get All You can From The Company

Perhaps you dont love your job, but the company offers great benefits. Now may be the time to get that elective surgery or complete your degree using the companys tuition reimbursement program. Youre contributing through your good work, so its fair for you to leverage all the company has to offer in the meantime.

Focus Your Extra Energy

If your job isnt stimulating, take advantage of the brain capacity your role doesnt require. Mentally develop that novel youve been wanting to write or envision the ideal house youll design and build. Our mental functions can be as stimulating as those in the physical world, so embrace the cognitive opportunities.

Overall, know that a not-so-great job wont last. The leader will change. The company will evolve. And the content of the work will certainly develop. Hang in there and your positive approach over time will certainly pay off in your next great opportunity.

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