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Entrepreneurs play an integral role in society. They create job opportunities which in turn contribute to economic productivity and growth. However, entrepreneurship is not easy. Recent studies reveal that entrepreneurs are susceptible to mental health conditions such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and stress. The desire to grow their business to success leads most entrepreneurs sleep-deprived, undernourished, over-caffeinated, and financially constrained. Whereas some entrepreneurs report being extremely happy in their work and satisfied with their life, some entrepreneurs end up depressed due to the stress of it all.

We interviewed Ariya Behjat, the CEO and Co-founder of Axenic studios. Axenic thrives in the competitive industry of branding and marketing. However, in just two years, Ariya was able to grow his company from $50,000 to a multimillion-dollar business. We conversed with him to discover how he can power through his workday and avoid burnout.

Tip 1: Preference for Progression over Perfection

There are three main tips that Ariya utilizes to help him avoid burnout. The first tip is a preference for progression over perfection. When starting a new company, developing a business, or holding an executive role as a CEO/CTO/COO there is a superstition that we must not stop until we achieve perfection. While this philosophy is inspiring, it does handicap ones agility in growing fast and staying ahead of the market. It is crucial to understand that the price of perfection is time. With every step of progress, our standards of perfection will have a parallel growth, making it equally hard to achieve perfection no matter where we are in our progress until we settle, he says.

That said, it is vital to believe in perfection and do our best to get close to it, but it is much more important to acknowledge and reward practical goals.

When an entrepreneur focuses on progression, he develops a growth mindset. This mindset is not as stressful compared to the pursuit of perfection. According to Ariya, this progressive mentality will not handicap your agility. Furthermore, it will help you create time for friends, family, and fun.

Tip 2: Prioritize Purpose over Position

The second tip that Ariya recommends for avoiding burnout is prioritizing purpose over the position. The pursuit of a place in a competitive environment can be a source of stress for an entrepreneur. According to the Gallup wellbeing index, 34% of entrepreneurs reported being worried a lot due to factors such as competition springing up and developing the companys position in the market. After an entrepreneur identifies a purpose and the identity of a business, they tend to become attached to their position. We find ourselves clouded by the titles on our email signatures, he says. According to Ariya, the solution to avoiding the frustrations of position is to focus on purpose. Feed your purpose before your position in your company. Also, ensure that your team identifies what is the purpose of their role is and how it helps the business. That will not only help you to grow your business but will also narrow down your tasks, thereby reducing the risk of burnout, he says.

Having a purpose motivates. It makes it more effective as it encourages the team to work towards a unified vision. Also, it removes the frustrations of a position that tends to lead to a narrow channeled view.

Tip 3: Choose Happiness over Success

The third tip that Ariya recommends is opting for happiness over success. Approximately 30% of entrepreneurs admit to struggling with depression. That is because of the struggle to achieve success. Failure to achieve success inevitably led to depression. However, to Ariya, the perception that I will be happy only if I succeed is a misconception. Traditionally, most entrepreneurs believe to depend on success to be happy. However, we forget that our standards grow in parallel with our successes leading us to chase a shadow when the light is behind us. Similar to having progress over perfection, it is so important to enjoy the journey, appreciate the moment, and have fun when presenting, coding, and brainstorming. Such an attitude lights the rooms you attend. Remind yourself, and everyone around you how crucial and interesting a certain moment maybe dont leave for it to reminisce when it could be enjoyed now. Success without happiness is a success on paper and nowhere else. For true happiness to be most achievable, we must attend to our health. he says.

Focussing on happiness eliminates the constant worry that leads to burnout. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, The first wealth is health. Without proper nourishment, sleep, and -especially- excellent emotional support, we become sensitive and reactive to the smallest inconveniences. Not to mention that when an actual failure presents itself, we find ourselves starting to shutting off our logic and emotions, he says.


Ariyas tips focus has helped him achieve success as an entrepreneur without falling prey to the mental health issues resulting from the entrepreneurial journey. He advocates for entrepreneurs to take care of their health and recognize their health and happiness as a success. He also recommends prioritizing on purpose and focussing on progression when developing a firm. These tips are integral if you are planning to venture into entrepreneurship or if you are already managing your own business. The tips will help you avoid burnout and the mental issues that have become a common trend among entrepreneurs.

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