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Posted: September 15, 2020 at 2:55 pm

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An avid newspaper reader, Dot Thorp says the daily puzzles and crosswords helped keep her entertained during lockdown

I just wanted to say how inspiring I found Dot Thorps How I Manage My Money article (imoney, 8 September). I think she is amazing and has a great attitude. When everyones mental health has been tested over the past few months she has managed to remain so positive.

Jayne Howson, by email

Ms Thorp could save money by getting rid of her key metre and signing up to a 12 month fixed deal, payable by direct debit. Re her broadband and line rental costs, take a look at the market. Plusnet is a well regarded, for example. 54 a month could be reduced by at least 30 per cent, possibly more.

Roger Wyatt, South West London

The lovely Ms Thorps broadband/ landline expenditure seems very high. A very good broadband service with a landline can be found for about 22-32.

Abid, by email

Prior to lockdown I worked 38 hours a week at minimum wage. My total take-home income would be around 1,100. This would need to cover the bills the pensioner shows as well as any mortgage or rent (anywhere between 600 to 1,000 a month in my area). Many of us dont have the luxury of being mortgage free. She is lucky to have 400 spare a month.

Melissa, by email

Ms Thorps article struck a chord because Im of a similar age, have no savings or private pensions and chose jobs that gave me no prospects of financial security in later life but which were satisfying and fulfilling. I dont worry about money and my philosophy is that you can get to rock-bottom but will bounce back up again.

Name and address supplied

It was so good to see how someone with the same sort of income as myself deals with her expenses and still manages to have a social life. This article has certainly made me think!

Cherril Tedstone, by email

See the article here:
How I Manage my Money: pensioner's advice on how she manages her money inspired lockdown Brits - iNews

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