Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for February 11 – Mumbai Mirror

Posted: February 10, 2020 at 9:51 pm

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By Shirley Bose

If its your birthday todayThe time after April is auspicious for employment. Those seeking a financier or wanting to have a joint venture realise their wishes after July. Business/career improves gradually after March and then there is too much work to deal with, which is no problem since you love dealing with challenges and remaining one step ahead of deadlines. Do exercise as advised.

Capricorn: Facing some past emotional issues with a strong desire to resolve them quickly is ideal. Circumstances change very quickly. Karmic tip: This karmic cycle favours fighting for your rights. Colours: peach/cream.

Virgo: Several important meetings keep you busy the entire day. A special friend comes to meet you. Karmic tip: Some may have second thoughts about a relationship. Take your time. Colours: lilac/white.

Aquarius: Health is good. High energy levels help complete work quickly and in time. Karmic tip: The universe/God takes care of needs if there is an attitude of gratitude. Colours: scarlet/gold.

Gemini: A plateau phase delays a solution. Some buy a vehicle soon. Karmic tip: Let others carry on with their own life. Keeping the focus on your own is best. Colours: bronze/khaki.

Libra: Light and shade are two irrevocable parts of life, so keep a balance at all times with awareness. Karmic tip: Flow wisely in this karmic cycle of smooth beginnings. Colours: blue/black.

Pisces: A happy family life is the basis for good mental health. Karmic tip: Work is suddenly challenging, so be one step ahead of all that has to be completed. Colours: black/ivory.

Cancer: This is a positive time for entrepreneurs. A financially good time draws in sever- al new deals/contracts/projects. Karmic tip: A karmic cycle of opportunities allows making several changes. Colours: cream/beige.

Scorpio: Some news youve been anxious to hear comes through against all odds. Karmic tip: Nostalgia for the good old days may be slightly impractical for life as it is. Colours: white/grey.

Aries: Those beginning a career/business enter an auspicious time. Karmic tip: Consciously letting go of a memory is wiser as what you yearned for is further and further away. Colours: tan/green.

Leo: Taking advice from too many people should be avoided. Be selective. Karmic tip: By remaining on the path of positive actions youve also drawn in karmic justice for yourself. Colours: pink/grey.

Sagittarius: A family celebration is time consuming but enjoyable all the same. Health is good. Karmic tip: You are aware that a decision taken in haste could have disastrous results. Colours: maroon/pink.

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Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for February 11 - Mumbai Mirror

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