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Posted: September 6, 2021 at 1:47 am

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The past decades have brought about a change in attitude towards the concept of exercise and how it benefits our body. Nowadays, we make it a point to allot some hours of exercise in their daily routines.

The most common types of exercises are walking and running and doing these can boost your mental health. Running outdoors lessens the feelings of isolation, depression, stress, and anxiety while improving your sleeping habits.

It transforms your brain for the better

Running is good for your body and mind. It strengthens the former and exercises the latter. With ahealthy mind, you will learn how to focus more and feel more determined to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

You can also gain a different viewpoint of significant and minor challenges in your life while seeing your potential in managing these. Running can help strengthen your will and determination by exposing your body to nature and physical activity.

Missing out on these sessions will affect your daily routine. When you give in to exercise, you will allow more energy in the different parts of your life.

Running can initiate changes within your brain. A study that involved obtaining scans of competitive runners discovered that there were links between the areas of the brain associated with working memory and self-control and the frontal-parietal network.

The researchers of this study have attributed this to the cognitive demands and enhanced cardiovascular ability to run. Moreover, they also established that running might have something to do with the production of healthy cells in the brain.

They believe that running and other forms of exercise are some of the main causes related to the development of new cells in the brain in a process called neurogenesis. Experiments on animal subjects have shown thatdistance runningcan improve cell production.

Further research has also shown that running and training can offer significant brain benefits. There was also a report that focused on individuals involved in interval training and those engaged in a moderately healthy lifestyle.

This report showed that the former (who happened to be athletes) showed the most notable improvements. From this, we can say that running can enhance your ability to easily and rapidly shift between activities that involve mental functions.

Its the best way to spend more time working out

Those who run every day agree that when they run, they can immerse themselves fully in their thoughts and take a break from their studies. Since running relaxes the brain, it is especially beneficial for students.

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It improves your mood to keep you motivated

If youre a regular runner, you would know that running gives you an emotional boost. This is whats called the runners high, a sensation that stimulates feel-good emotions to reduce your stress and elevate your mood.

Researchers in the past believed that the positive feelings that emerge during running happen when the body releases endorphins. But recent studies have shown that endorphins dont pass from the blood to the brain, but they help prevent you from feeling pain in your muscles.

These studies have shown that biochemical substances called endocannabinoids are the ones responsible for feelings of euphoria that are usually associated with runners high.

Endocannabinoids are substances similar to cannabis the body produces naturally. Unlike endorphins, they play a role in neurological communications in the brain.

It will make learning easier, especially if you have help too

Running will surely make your life easier as it will promote the health of your mind, which is essential for your education. As a student in college, you may notice yourself feeling more alert and clearheaded while studying.

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It helps reduce the risk of depression

Knowing what running improves will make you feel more motivated to make this activity part of your daily routine. Many of todays students indulge in running to enhance their physical and mental fitness.

After immersing yourself in this activity, you will realise that it makes you feel better. You will see an improvement in your mental energy, mood, emotions, and more. All of these lead to the following positive effects:

To further support the concept that running has several benefits to health, a chapter in the 2019 handbook calledSport and Exercise Psychologystated that there is a substantial amount of evidence that supports exercise in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders.

Of course, you dont have torely solely on running if you suffer from depression. This is a serious condition that you need to combat with various medical and alternative approaches.


Including running in your life will boost your overall feeling of happiness. This is a way of making both your mind and body feel better. Running has many incredible benefits on your mental health.

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Five main reasons that running has a positive effect on mental development and study success - AW - Athletics Weekly

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