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Posted: May 10, 2020 at 12:45 am

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Im telling this because its a major part of resilience. Social connectedness, anywhere you can find it, helps us get through these days with a more positive mental attitude. Its one step in the resiliency quotient.

I have looked at some resiliency research theres a panoply out there. It talks about making connections, seeing problems as not insurmountable (although, in fact, some are), accepting change as part of living, moving toward your goals, etc.

And I have read that since the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of self-help books have skyrocketed. Im not shocked about that. It makes sense.

But the bottom line is where to start? I think starting in whatever way you can with others is where it happens by phone, by video chat, in person with a smile under that mask, with a thank you for someone who might deliver something to your door.

Lately, I have been very interested in change how to make it, where to go. I have been impressed with the idea that small changes make a big impact.

Saying youre going to lose 50 pounds if you need to is awesome, but what about 5 pounds over the next month or two? If you do that, if you see progress, it helps to spur you on.

My spin: The same is true about social connectedness. The small steps you take today will undoubtedly reap big rewards tomorrow, for you and others. When youre done reading this, call or video chat someone you love or havent seen for years and years. I did this the other day when I called an old roommate from my medical school days in Chicago someone I hadnt talked to for 40 years. I found her phone number, dialed it, had a 2 hour conversation that made both of us smile and smile and smile. This was just as important to my well being as hitting the elliptical Its resiliency work. Stay safe and stay well.

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