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Posted: September 2, 2020 at 1:53 am

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Dictionary.com has added 'jabroni' and 'DGAF' as part of its latest update, which consists of 15,000 new entries meant to better reflect modern life.

"Jabroni" and "DGAF" are among the terms that have been added to Dictionary.com as part of a sweeping new update consisting of 15,000 new items.

Marking the company's largest update ever, the release includes 650 brand new entries, along with thousands of new and revised definitions, etymologies and pronunciations. As PR Newswire points out, many of the changes are inspired by the slang and trends used on social media and in popular culture.

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Dictionary.com even made the update announcement by posting a shout out to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, tweeting, "Yes, we put jabroni in the dictionary. We assume The Rock could smell us cooking up this update the whole time."

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Fans of the WWE will recall that Johnson frequently uses the slang word, which is now officially defined as both "a stupid, foolish or contemptible person; loser" and "a jobber; a wrestler whose purpose is to lose matches against headlining wrestlers in order to build up the status and fame of the headliners." DGAF -- which is among a list of shorthand slang that also includes AF and GOAT -- is officially defined by Dictionary.com as "[an abbreviation of] dont give a fuck: to not care at all (a euphemistic initialism used to indicate an indifferent or unbothered attitude, without explicit vulgarity)."

"The work of a dictionary is more than just adding new words. It's an ongoing effort to ensure that how we define words reflects changes in language -- and life," Dictionary.comSenior Editor John Kelly said in a statement. "Among our many new entries are thousands of deeper, dictionary-wide revisions that touch us on our most personal levels: how we talk about ourselves and our identities, from race to sexual orientation to mental health."

The update also incorporates beauty and fashion trends, such as "zhuzh" and "contouring," as well as terms that reflect ongoing societal talking points -- such as "emotional labor," "dead white male" and "MeToo." "Gender reveal," "ratio," "sharent," "swole" and "Twitch" are also among the new additions.

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