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Posted: August 29, 2020 at 7:55 am

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Atono Tskr Kense Kohima | August 23

While Nagaland reels under the daily detection of COVID-19 cases, there has also been a surge in the recovery cases. As on August 23, the recovery rate in the State was 62.2%, giving hope that the virus can be contained and with proper precautions, even cured.

In the first part of the series, The Morung Express spoke to some individuals who have successfully outlived Coronavirus infection. They included Advisor for Horticulture and Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan, John, a 65-year old sportsperson (name changed) and 17 year old Naro (name changed) from Kohima.

Continuing the conversation, these survivors shared their experiences and words of advice on how to deal with the virus and support the people affected by it.

Stigmatisation scarierthan being infected It was not easy for my family in this journey, particularly for my Mom who underwent mental and emotional stress said Naro with four members in the family who were tested positive but are all COVID-19 free now. Her mother tested negative.

Citing instances of the stigma and discrimination where people had the tendency to avoid them, she said the prejudice and stigma was scarier than being tested positive with COVID-19 which according to her is adding more woes in the lives of those who are tested positive.

I would say they are not matured enough to understand. Maturity does not come with age, it comes with our thinking ability and that shows how we are Naro stated matter-of-factly.

Yanthan, who declared his status publicly in social media said I made it a point to declare my status publicly so that those who have come in contact with me get themselves tested he however, rued that people tend to feel ashamed about to make known of their status due to the prevailing mental attitude of the people.

Stigmatising is happening and we need to revisit our SOPs viewed Yanthan, relating some instances when he was tested positive. All these fears and wrong notions should be dispelled from the minds of the people he asserted.

In times like this, the true nature and colour of the society emerged. It is our attitude which will carry us during this pandemic period pointed out John who also added that this invisible virus doesnt care about anyones status and that anybody in ones family or friends can be infected.

To this, he appealed dont point fingers at him/her or stigmatise a COVID-19 person but show sympathy and compassion as you might be the very next potential victim of this virus.

Psychological support required Rather than the physical pain or discomfort, I feel people like us are suffering more emotionally and mentally observed Naro.

Concurring to this, John said the virus is doing more damage, stress and strain on the psychological health of those infected with the virus and emphasised on the need for counselling, if not, even a short chat and talk which he said can be of a huge relief to the patients.

God willing, he said, he wants to help the people affected with the virus by reaching out to them through telephonic conversation to given moral support and encouragement.

Words of advice Sharing some tips and advices as ones who have been there, Yanthan said the virus is here to stay so we need to build our immune system, eat well, sleep well, rest well and most importantly follow the protocols.

Although three of them were tested positive, he said We were least bothered because we dont have any symptoms and we were pretty sure that we will be fine. He also added that early detection can help to a great extent.

Take precaution and care, be positive, then we will overcome the virus was his message to the people.

Being a survivor, I can say, everything is going to be fine. Have a positive attitude towards life. Dont stigmatise. Pray to God and take good care of your health said Naro.

For John, following the safety protocols by maintaining personal hygiene, social distancing and understanding the virus scientifically with a little bit of compassion and sympathy will greatly contribute in fighting this pandemic.

This is the last of a two-part series.

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Coronavirus survivors in Nagaland recount road to recovery-II - Morung Express

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