Brutality in prison can’t be ignored — Christa Fisher –

Posted: June 12, 2020 at 1:47 am

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The police violence we are protesting is not limited to the streets.

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Millions of men, women and children locked in jails and prisons are subjected to this same violence. Hidden behind cement and steel fortresses, there are no bystanders to video their frequent, unjust and cruel treatment. Due to the deeply rooted rule of deputy discretion, there is rarely accountability.

Our incarcerated brothers and sisters file complaints, but their testimony as criminals and convicts is denied credibility, while the judgment of uniformed perpetrators is unquestioned. The irresponsible grievance system ensures the complaints are filed in the trash.

Having served as a chaplain in a jail, I have been a witnesses to the dominance against the incarcerated, many of whom are poor, black and brown. Daily rights are revoked due to a look or tone. Confinement in a solitary cell can be punishment for a bad attitude. Limbs and digits might be broken during a mental health crises. Medical care has been withheld. All of this happens atop the normalized violence and oppression inherent to institutions that lock people in cages.

While protesting, remember our brothers and sisters in jail, for they struggle to breathe too.

Christa Fisher, Milwaukee

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Brutality in prison can't be ignored -- Christa Fisher -

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