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Amir Hossein Hosseinipour Freelance Journalist interviews Bijan Norouz about his scientific point of view on music.

Bijan Norouz explained that music provides an auditory imagery of the outer world, rather than providing visual images as we see in paintings and literature, from the outer world. Scientific music differs from the way of manifestation of the other arts, although, we can say that it doesnt differ from them, considering the fundamental nature of it, as an art which envisions the responses of human being to the outer world or the inner world.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour:What is the true nature of scientific music and how do you regard it?

Bijan Norouz:The scientific music shows the inner life of man, using what can be called the human images or human faces. Moreover, scientific music is not be made just by a sound following another. Rather the music is made by a sequence of sounds which is perceived as a whole by our ears, for example a rhythmic expression or a pleasant melody creates music. These units are the same mentioned human faces because they evoke certain mental states in man.

Generally, scientific music joins the other arts, in creating social consciousness or individual awareness of the inner life which man has in common with his society and in revealing the inner history of the society. Not only the scientific music develops the sensitivity and freedom, but it affects the education of the present generation.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour:What is the structure of scientific music?

Bijan Norouz:As in other arts, structure plays a significant role in scientific music which helps us in understanding the rationality or irrationality of the artists thought about represented issues in the created art. In creating each work, the artist more or less benefits from his personal and social experiences and what he obtains is not a contingency manner, but a set of mental concentrated manners that represents a particular attitude on life. Although scientific music occurs over time and creates structures which are not visual or tangible, it naturally creates something concrete which comes to existence in the outer world of the artist and the audience. It also deals with certain materials that are the same as invisible and weightless sound waves.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour:Does music has any language?

Bijan Norouz: The language of music is created by the society and in my point of view Music is a Universal Language.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour:As the founder of the institution of Future and Emerging Music Technologies FEMT, how do you evaluate new and scientific music in general?

Bijan Norouz:This is comprehensible in the new appearance of a music track. On a large scale every new and scientific music is produced from the existing music. The scientific and new music forms the familiar materials from new melodic frames to the great creations which are made from such frames. If languages werent created by societies, no one could create anything.However, real understanding and getting more pleasure out of scientific music is possible, with the participation of human in creating the music. This is a stage of mental evolution of the human and awareness of the existence of potentials and new issues in life, resulting from the changes and conflicts out of himself.

The Article is Translated by Sepideh Hematian

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Bijan Norouz's Thought and His Scientific Attitude of the Cosmic Music - Communal News

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