Attitude Is Everything

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On a personal level I read your book about 3 years ago and it had a huge positive impact on my life. I re-read your book at least twice a year.My job is to develop managers and I run a 6-month development programme. Attitude is Everything is required reading for all participants and the feedback from the 44 people who have completed this programme isWOW! The improvement in them as individuals has been noted back in their branches across the UK to the extent that I have been asked for copies of the book for Area Managers and Regional Directors. It has had such an impact upon one region within our business that they are rolling your messages out to all of their staff in the next 4 months. Thank you for such an inspirational book.

Chris ChinnManagement Development ManagerVanguard Rental (UK) Ltd.

I just finished your book and it has changed my life already. I have been set on fire by your words! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now know how I can get everything I want and achieve every goal I have set for myself. Nothing is daunting any more - I have no fear. Only drive, ambition and an attitude that I will infect every other person I come into contact with. Thanks again. I'm off now to achieve my dreams!

Lorraine Sharpe

Your book, Attitude is Everything, has made the greatest impact on my life. Your words have helped me to change from a negative, cynical, victim mentality, 'woe is me' lifestyle into a new person. I have lost count of the number of times I have read it. I have decided to start my own business. This, I owe all to your book. I have more energy, more control over my life and I'm infinitely happier. Thank you for your life-changing book.

Peter Irlam

I recently read your book "Attitude is Everything" and I can say with an absolute sincerity that your book is number one in my personal library. No doubt I shall be promoting your book to all my friends, as it's not right to deprive them of something that will change their lives for the better.

Petya Collins

Your book is a tonic for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual prosperity. You give real life example after example of what works. I also enjoy that you don't rehash the same old stories but you take the lead in discovering new examples of inspiration. Attitude is Everything is a Mark McGwire home run in the motivational field.

Jack E. McClendon, Jr.

Your book gave me the confidence to achieve much more than I thought possible. Your insights gave me the strength I needed to keep moving forward. Now, I have been promoted twice, with raises I thought would never come. I am now the "motivator" for my team, and we are achieving so much. Thank you, Jeff!

Kim Palaza

After having read your book, Attitude is Everything, I must thank you! It is a gift to anyone who wants more... a better career, a better relationship, a better life. Every word makes so much sense, yet most of us go on with our lives without ever really knowing how much potential we have. After reading your book for the first time (of the many times I plan to) I have come away with the veil once again lifted from my eyes by your words. I feel like I can move toward embodying the principles you have so eloquently presented.

Lisa Moschitta

Attitude is Everything has helped me to hone in on positive thought and motivational techniques related to my career and interpersonal relationships. Now, before reacting to any situation, I consciously choose a positive response -- what a difference it makes! I am more confident when dealing with a negative situation by applying Jeff's easily understood, user-friendly techniques. The best part is I was able to put these ideas to work immediately!

Natalie Tedone

I just finished your book and loved it. It is simple with practical tips for changing your attitude. What was most inspirational was your own personal journey. I'm going to give this book as Christmas presents. The world needs your message.

Diane DiRestaAuthor, Knockout Presentations

I recently finished reading your book, Attitude is Everything. I have to say that I am very impressed. When you first hear about a book on the topic of attitude, you think there's going to be a lot of hype and "rah-rah" stuff. That wasn't the case here. Rather, you provided plenty of specific and practical tips for success. Reading your suggestions made a positive impact on my business. Jeff, what also impressed me is your sincerity. I can tell that you not only believe what you're saying, but that you've applied all of these principles in your own life. Thanks again for putting together this fine book.

Stuart Kamen Kamen Communications

After reading your informative book, I have one thing to say -- that everyone who hasn't read it....should! Most of us can relate to your experiences. You need to enjoy what you're doing to become successful. I am a perfect example. I myself found after many years a creative talent that I did not know I had. As you explain so well in your book, Attitude is Everything!

Anna Carusos

Attitude is Everything has helped me to become a better sales professional by always thinking in a positive manner and being aware of how I am perceived by my clients. I often refer to the book to keep me "on my toes" and always aware of my attitude not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. This book reinforces how your attitude affects others as well as the outcome of any situation.

Fran GrazioseDiamond Promotions, Inc.

Having read many motivational books, I found Jeff's ideas fresh and inspiring. This book is useful not only for salespeople, but for anyone wishing to make positive changes in their lives.

David D'Agostino

Just thought I'd tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Attitude is Everything. It has energy as well as attitude, and I thought it was great. I cover attitude in my career counseling workshop, so I'll pass on to them the benefits I received from reading your book!

Fiona Young

Anyone can learn from Jeff's twelve easy lessons immediately. Keep this book at your fingertips. When you occasionally need a little attitude adjustment, open it anywhere, and a valuable quote or phrase will jump off the page right into your heart and soul.

Julie Salgo

Your book is fantastic and I really enjoyed it -- from beginning to end. The 12 lessons in this book can change and enrich millions of lives. I recommend this book to all. After all, attitude is everything!

Viola George

Referring to this book often is helping me nip negative thoughts in the bud, and is having a direct effect on the increasing lack of negativity in my words. I am already beginning to benefit from the effect this change in my thinking and speaking is having on my actions, both personally and professionally.

George Hahn

Every page of Attitude is Everything reminded me of so many thoughts I've considered over so many years but rarely acted upon. Your words opened a very important door to the start of many talks with myself. Thanks, Jeff, for your reinforcement, your inspiration, your candor and your truthful words that "Attitude is Everything!"

Marilyn Kass Marilyn Kass & Assoc. Inc.

There is no shortage of motivational books on the market. But what sets Attitude is Everything apart from the crowd is Jeff Keller's unique ability to tackle the real issues on the minds of today's business professionals, and to offer practical, substantive ideas for conquering these issues. In my mind, nobody else comes close to delivering the goods like Jeff Keller.

Art Siegel, PublisherSalesDoctors Magazine

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