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Posted: February 15, 2020 at 2:57 am

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Meditation practices that help you stay calm and composed

Anger is just a 5 letter word, however, it has the ability to destroy your closest bonds, get in the way of your life and cause you emotional pain. One person's fit of rage can cause conflicts between nations and even cause social unrest. On a personal level, it can affect one's health andmental peace. Several research studies have revealed in the past that anger is like poison and it has long-term physicaleffects on a person's health.Which is why it becomes important for every person to work on their temperament.

While many might believe that anger is natural and people cannot control it, Mahayana Buddhism says the opposite and it suggests that a person can tame their anger through simple and easy self-controlling and self-restraining practices and meditation plays a huge role in it. As Buddha once said, "With practice, the quiet, patient mind can overcome the destructive flash of anger." Aperson can train his/her mind to deal with anger in the best way possible through meditation.

And, this guide will help you master the art of meditation that focuses on combating negative emotions likehate andanger.

This meditation practice bringspositive attitudinal changeandit systematically helps a person developthe qualitiesof compassion, love and kindness. It actsas a form of self-psychotherapy and it helps in healing the troubled mind. And, ithas immediate effects on one's old habituated negative patterns of mind.

In this meditation practice, a person has to develop the qualities of empathy, compassion and equanimity. And this is done throughvisualisation andreflection.

Now, move to someoneyou do not like or have difficulty dealing with. Repeatthe phrases for them with the same genuine feelings and love.

Next, extend your love and care for all sentient beings living across universes.

Lastly, visualise a happy world and say thisphraseout loud -May all sentient beings be happy, safe,healthy andlive joyously.

Note: Remembering all of these stepsis humanly not possible which is why people meditate in the presence of a guru who guides them through the meditation process. However, it's not always possible to meditate in the presence of a master which is why several guided meditation videos are uploaded online for our convenience.

A fact of life is that people are bothered by unmanageable emotional states as we live in pressured societies. However, only a few make efforts todevelop skills thatdeal with anger issues. I cannot stress enough on the fact that every person must becomea master of his or hermindand not let their minds overpower their decisions. And this can only be done through self-training.

Speaking of my personal experience, I began meditating at the age of 16 after reading in a book that certain meditation practices can help inanger management. When you are in your teens, your hormones tend to go haywire, making you short-tempered. When I experienced the same, I looked for every remedy to get rid of these negative emotions.And after reading several books and attending various meditation sessions at monasteries, I can finally say that it really helps. From being a rebellious unruly teenager to a compassionate woman, meditation helped me achieve my biggest milestone in life. And,I hope it helps you too.

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Tame your temper by mastering the art of meditation - Times Now

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