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Posted: December 31, 2019 at 10:49 am

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Meditation has become a big part of Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordans life.

Jordan uses meditation to clear his thoughts and find peace of mind in the NBA. The Nets high-flyer says the practice of meditating has helped him immensely, via Leo Sepkowitz of Bleacher Report:

Jordan does not just have a room where he mediates. He has a meditation room. The difference is in the details: candles, crystals, small statues, vapor oils. Each morning in his apartment in the downtown Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca, Jordan enters the space, dims the lights and sits in his meditation chair, elevated so that his folded knees dont knock against his collarbone.

Initially, a few years ago, Jordan would lean on guided meditation recordings to help him clear his mind. Now, for the most part, he can do it on his own, rotating through different mantras daily. Tomorrow, he says, he will focus on forgiveness. The point is to acknowledge the negativity and pressure that surround himthe grind of practice, the responsibilities he has with family and friendsbut to see those concepts and let them pass by without judgment or concern.

The more Im getting better, the faster I let those thoughts go, Jordan says. Eventually, down the road, I wont think about anything. Maybe Ill start levitating.

Meditation has helped Jordan find the peace of mind needed to lead in the NBA. It has been a long journey here.

DeAndre Jordan signed a four-year deal with the Nets this past summer in free agency. His pals Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving took less money from Brooklyn so the Nets could sign Jordan.

In 26 games this season for the Nets, Jordan is averaging 8.2 points and 10.0 rebounds. Hes shooting 65.4 percent from the field and 66.1 percent from the free-throw line. The Nets entered Thursday with a record of 16-13.

NBA players have a lot on their plate. Meditation is a great way for players to relieve stress and clear their mind, which will lead to better play on the court.

For the Nets to go on a deep playoff run this season, they will need Jordan to play at a high-level since he has postseason experience.

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Meditation has helped Nets DeAndre Jordan find peace of mind in the NBA - ClutchPoints

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