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Posted: January 12, 2021 at 7:54 am

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Washing away 2020 and welcoming in 2021.

The start of a new year is always an exciting time, full of positivity. Because of all we went through in 2020, this start of the new year feels particularly exciting and hopeful.

With this in mind, please enjoy a meditation for starting 2021 with joy and delight. Repeatthe phrases that speak to you silently, in your mind's eye, at whatever pace feels right for you:

Meditation for 2021 New Year

Today I feel hopeful

And positive.

This is a new year.

I create my reality.

I am choosing to have a wonderful year.

I choose to forgive those who have hurt me.

I choose to live lightly.

I choose to bring positivity into my heart and mind.

At the start of this new year, I send positivity out into the world.

I choose to live with love.

I choose to send love to the world.

Happy new year.

To me.

To my extended family.

To my friends.

And everyone around me.

I will manifest wonderful things in 2021.

And I will choose to live with love.

I invite you to do this meditation as often as you like, each day, each week or even several times throughout the day, perhaps choosing the lines that speak to you each time.

Please let me know how it goes for you and happy new year!


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Meditation For The New Year 2021 - Forbes

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