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Posted: February 3, 2021 at 10:54 pm

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Kevin Hartsaysmeditation has provenhelpful for him, that it has worked to get him through some difficult moments in recent months.

Let's face it, 2020 was a bit of a bust for all of us.

Now that we've entered into a new year, funny-makerKevin Hart and his comedian pals want to suggest a refreshing way to stay connected to your mental and emotional spirit. Admitting that he is also facing a great deal of stress.

Of course, we've all heard of healing effects that meditation can have on our bodies, and on our lives, but we've never seen meditation that's quite like this.

With the help of fellow comedians Amanda Seales, and Hasan Minaj, Kevin Hart joins forces with Headspace to explore the funny, lighthearted ways that comedians try to wind down and clear their thoughts. This is definitely not your average meditation session, but you'll laugh so hard that you're likely to instantly feel better.

When most people think of meditation, they imagine nature sounds, as a waterfall hits the rocks and soothes the souls of its peaceful listeners. Birds chirp pleasantly, and the meditation technique helps clear your mind of stresses, anxiety, and to-do lists. Pure solitude and quiet focus is what most meditation entails.

Not in Kevin Hart's world, though.

His meditation involves sarcastic comedy that will have participants keeled over with laughter and feeling more at ease after hearing his hysterical stories about the weird thoughts that invade his mind.

Paired up with Headspace, and joined by his celebrity comedy-pals, Hart gives meditation a whole new twist, and it's one that you definitely won't want to miss!

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This may not be your conventional meditation method, but if you're hoping to forget about your troubles for a while and laugh a little in the face of adversity, it will definitely work for you. Hart hysterically outlines the thoughts that go through his head as he goes for a run and explores his meditation techniques, and they include the funniest, most obscure topics.

He thinks about whether dogs can talk, ponders how he'll deal with his son being taller than he is, and hiswildly funny thoughtsinclude the reminder for himself to change the air filter in his home. It appears that meditation isn't quite his forte.

Fans are all-in for this. They seem to love the idea of Hart partnering with Headspace, and have commented on his Instagram page to say that this is exactly what they "need right now."

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